Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode #19

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The short bits included Dan and Dick in a foxhole, people sneaking up a staircase, Judy as a harem girl with little signs by her mouth, the girls as fairies, and Gladys interrupting Bobby trying to sing.

    • The Flying Fickle Finger Of Fate Award went to the Klu Klux Klan for ordering Xerox to remove a copier from their headquarters because Xerox sponsored a series about black America.

    • After calling them a sextet at the beginning of the bit, Dan called the Holy Modal Rounders the Holy Modal Sextet. Dick then said, "That's the way the sex tets."

  • Quotes

    • Jo Anne: Oh, I tried a new sport last week. I wish I could remember his name.

    • Dan: What are you doing Saturday night?
      Dick M.: I'm still trying to find out what I did last Saturday night.
      Jo Anne: Uh, why don't you ask me?
      Dick M.: All right, what did I do last Saturday night?
      Jo Anne: How should I know, dummy?
      Alan: We had you worried there, didn't we, folks?

    • Judy: Chris, have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?
      Chris: (rubbing his beard) No, but I'll bet it hurts.

    • Alan: Is Tiny Tim a boy or a girl?
      Goldie: I don't think so.

    • Bobby: Wasn't it Raquel Welch who said, 'A place for everything and everything in its places?'

    • Gary: And now, here's a late word.
      Goldie: Midnight.

    • Jo Anne: Bobby, why are jockeys so short?
      Bobby: I don't know. I guess when you wear them, it's just hard to stand straight.

    • Judy: I'll always call England the mother country, whether the Queen takes the pill or not.

    • Kirk: I'm sharing a dressing room with one of the stars. Have you ever showered with a drelb?

    • Jo Anne: Politics doesn't bother me. On every proposition I just vote (sung)yes!!!!

    • (Jo Anne flirts with Kirk, he tosses confetti)
      Rosemary: Blow in his ear and he'll follow you anywhere.
      Kirk: How does that grab you, dimple lovers?
      Rosemary: Blow in his ear and I'll follow you anywhere.

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