Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode #3

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show started with the intros, a one liner from Flip, and the monologue, where Dick tried to convince the audience that John Wayne was on the show because he dreamed that John was on. Following was the party, the first Sock It To Me Time, the first short bits, and New Talent Time, which featured the return of Tiny Tim, Tim as predictor The Great Nervo, and the French juggler Paul Gilbert. Next, Arte as a painter taking an order for a landscape, Gladys in a rocking chair, and more short bits. Then the second Sock It To Me Time, more short bits, and the news. There was no news theme song, Goldie just introduced Dick. After the present and past news, a play-by-play of a college demonstration and an interview with John Smith(Tim) and Pocahontas(Cher) were seen. Next, a song from Jo Anne, Henry and Tim trying to sing and having trouble, more short bits, third Sock It To Me Time, more short bits, and Mod Mod World about money. It featured Dick trying to buy an airline ticket with cash in a credit card world, a group of women paying for lunch, amd Judy, Eileen, and Cher singing 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.' Following were more short bits, the fourth Sock It To Me Time, nore short bits, Tim and Cher as Nelson Eddy and Jeannette McDonald, and the Classified Ads. Finally, a salute to censorship, more short bits, the good nights, the joke wall, and the last short bits.