Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 3 Episode 23

Episode #63

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show starts with Ringo introducing himself as Peter Sellers and declaring he is presenting the show. Following were several short bits, including Dan and Dick complimenting Goldie on her peformance in Cactus Flower. After the intros, more short bits, a sketch where everyone got wet, except for Judy, who got it at the end, and Dan and Dick talked about geneology. Next was the party, Tyrone showing the ring he wanted to give Gladys, more short bits, and a new department introduced to much fanfare called Miscellaneous. This included Goldie explaining the 'truth in lending' law and Jo Anne as the Language Lady. Following was Dick and Dan helping Gladys and Tyrone look for wedding rings, but not helping much. Then more short bits, and the news, which had the girls doing Indian dancing and Dan calling Dick 'Tacky.' Then The Farkel Family, where it is Frank and Fannie's anniversary and their parson Peter P. Perkins visits. Then, with no introduction, Mod Mod World about transportation. Following, Ernestine called Hubert Humphrey, Ringo got in Wolfgang's bush, part two of The Farkel Family, and The Quickies, which featured Alan with Good News/Bad News and the Swizzlers. Finally, Ernestine called Hubert Humphrey again, the good nights, the joke wall, and the last short bits.