Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 4 Episode 3

Episode #69

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show starts with Goldie making a regal entrance, and having the cast introduce themselves. However, things returned to normal after she received the gift the cast had for her. Then Barbara asked Goldie which one Harvey Korman was, and Gary introduced Dan and Dick. Then Dan told Dick that Goldie was the guest star and Dick thought she was still a regular. Following was the first party segment, a word from Chaplain Bud Homily, and the debut of Meet the Mitchells, with Arte as a typical Washington white-collar worker and Nancie as his wife. Next, the second party segment, the first short bits, Mervin The Magnificent and the third party segment. Then, Goldie told Barbara to introduce Dan and Dick for the opening monologue, which turned out to be the introduction to a look at women's liberation. Then more short bits and the high point of the show, a look into the lights. Following was a modern reading of a nursery rhyme, more short bits, the fourth party segment, and the news. The girls all dressed like Goldie and tried to do the theme, but it didn't work out. Next up, Barbara got Goldie confused with other Laugh-In characters, Ernestine called Mae West about having rhinestones on her phone, more short bits, Edith Ann, and The Four Most People. Then the Swizzlers, Barbara telling Goldie she's seen all her movies, Johnny as a boxer going through customs, more short bits, the fifth party segment, Ernestine calling Mae West again, and The Quickies. Then more short bits and 'Another Episode with The Farkel Family' where Sparkle Farkle returned from Finland with a fiance. Finally, the Farkel dance, the good nights, the joke wall, the last short bits, Goldie with Wolfgang in the bush and Jilly telling the kids to go to bed.
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