Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode #7

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Several times, Henry Gibson would go up to people and hand them a piece of paper. The people would read it and hit Henry on the head. At the end of the show, Henry held the paper up to the camera, and it said "Sock It To Me".

    • Other short bits included Terry as an orchestra conductor, Roddy as a doctor seeing various patients, Arte and Inga, Arte as a snake charmer and Arte hanging out to lunch signs on various doors.

    • Several of the cast tried to imitate lizards with Joby Baker. Jo Anne didn't get it, Goldie did a salamander, and Gladys Ormphby(Ruth) asked and Joby said she did a great one, even though she hadn't done it yet.

    • The Sock It To Me's had Judy in a foxhole. First, a tree fell on her. Then she ducked incoming shells only to get splashed. Then she ducks another shell, only to get attacked by an Indian. Finally, she gets painted on, and when she says its cute how they socked it to her, she gets splashed again.

    • During the Hickory Dickory Dock poem, Jo Anne said it struck three in Idaho. It should have struck two, since Idaho is two hours behind New York, which Larry Hovis said it struck four in New York.

  • Quotes

    • Henry: Hickory dickory dock
      The mouse ran up the clock.
      The clock struck one...
      Larry: In New York, it struck four.
      Jo Anne: In Idaho, three.
      Judy: In Haight-Ashbury, 17.
      Roddy: In London, it struck a compromise.
      Goldie: That's in England, you know.
      Ruth: In Texas, it struck oil.
      Wolfgang: In Munich, it struck first.
      Dick: At Dodger Stadium, it struck out.
      Dan: And in beautiful downtown Burbank, it's still striking.
      Henry: Hickory dickory dock. (applause)
      Dick: That has a nice ring to it.

    • Judy: I didn't mind when he said Grace at the dinner table. But when he kept saying her name in his sleep, I really got mad!

    • John: The program you have just seen is true. Only the writers will be changed to protect the innocent.

    • Sally: My father's an Elk, a Moose and a Lion.
      Terry: Oh, really? What zoo does he live in?

    • Sally: (holding an Oscar-like award) I want to thank all the members of the Academy for these two fun-filled weeks here at West Point.

    • Roddy: Do you realize if Paul Revere had had laryngitis that night, you'd still be ours.

    • Gary: Due to unforseen circumstances, this show will remain on the air until further notice.

    • (introducing New Talent Time)
      Dan: When we spotlight stars of tomorrow today, from everywhere.
      (band plays off-key)
      Dick: (with a pained look) With a band from nowhere.
      Dan: Oh, I thought...he was all right.

    • Judy: My parents say I don't know what good clean fun is, and they're right. I don't know what good it is.

    • Goldie: My father said I have an I.Q., but he doesn't know where they put it.

    • Sally: (on the phone at the party) Reverend Mother, get over here quickly. There's a bunch of people here, and they're all flying!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Helen Twelvetrees:
      Mentioned by Gary after Jo Anne's short song, Helen Twelvetrees was a star of early motion pictures with sound.