Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 4 Episode 7

Episode #73

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rod Serling began the show by introducing Dan and Dick, and they came out wearing masks. They then introduced Orson Welles, and he came out in top hat and cape, saying that he was looking forward to getting doused with water, going through the trap door and doing the Farkle. However, when Dan told him that they were going to look into the occult, he warned that it was dangerous. Dick said it was just a bunch of 'abacadbra,' and a sandbag almost falls on him. Dan says it's a coincidence, and Dick says it again and disappears. Orson then says that they have to explore the occult to bring him back. Then Gary does the intros in a haunted house, where the heads of the cast are floating about. Next, the cast dances about in scary costumes and sing about 'ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night,' the tasteful lady appears as Morticia Addams, several short bits, and Dan and Orson come back, though Dick stays in the ether. Following were more short bits, and Dan and Dick do the opening monologue talking about various occult topics. Next is the party, where everyone was dressed in Halloween costumes. Then more short bits, Orson doing a radio horror show with Dennis on sound effects that goes awry when he is actually attacked by a monster, more short bits, Edith Ann telling about how Halloween is her favorite holiday, more short bits, and Orson and Vincent in the joke wall. Then more short bits, the news, where Ruth, Barbara, and Lily did the introduction song dressed as weird creatures, and Orson did the outro. Dan, Dick, and Orson did several stories on a Dr. Ignutz Silverman, Big Al did a final college score, and all the future stories were five days later(on Halloween.) Orson then says a group of aliens have landed in Burbank that may be friendly, and Ruth's streetwalker says they are. Then more short bits, Arte as a witch doctor, Dan interviewing an expert on superstitions about how the one about a rabbit's foot brings good luck came about, and Dick and Ruth as old people waiting for their sons to come home with their wives. Next, more short bits, Orson telling a story in a creepy castle, more short bits, and the second party segment. Then the Easter bunny hides eggs, more short bits, a look at hypnotism, and Orson goes to the cleaners to get his suit. Finally, the good nights, where Orson says 'hocus-pocus' and disappears, the joke wall with Halloween jokes, the last short bits, Barbara's tap dancer, and Orson with Wolfgang in the bush.