Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 7 Episode 1

Laugh-In's 25th Anniversary

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

The special begins with cast members reminicing with each other, and telling what things were like when the show first came on the air. Then came Sammy Davis, Jr. starting a dance number, Gary doing a new voice over introducing cast members, and John Wayne doing his Gary imitation. Then came the cast laughing it up with Diana Ross, Kate Smith and the cast, various one-liners, Jack Lemmon introducing Dan and Dick(despite not knowing who they are), and Dick confused as to what night the show is on. Then came Sock It To Me Time, which ended with Richard Nixon saying it. Following were Gladys and Tyrone, Potpourri, more one-liners, and Judy and Henry reminicing. Then, New Talent Time featuring Timy Tim, a poem from Henry, several short bits, Gladys and Tyrone part two, Judy telling Sammy Davis a joke, Lily with Edward G. Robinson, and Dan and Johnny Carson(as Dick), which led to the first party segment. Next, more one-liners, Ernestine calling Frank Sintatra, several editions of the Flying Fickle Finger Of Fate Award, and Arte, Ruth and Dick reminicing. Then more short bits, several 'if blank married blank' bits, Dan and Dick introduced by Goldie and Marcello Mastroianni, and Dick telling of his training in 'gotcha', which led into the first Quickies. Following were more short bits, Sammy and Dan lamenting their stag film business going broke, Ruth and Jo Anne trying to get through a scene without laughing, Arte and Lily reminicing, Ruth telling what she's been doing since the show ended, more short bits, and the news segment. There were montages of the opening news theme done in different styles, Dick's opening stories, Goldie's introductions of Dan, and Dan's future news stories; along with the Spiro Agnew News, Big Al's sports report, Busy Buzzi's gossip, Dan and Dick's outro, and a montage of the closing theme. Then more reminicences from Dick and Judy, a round of One-Liners, highlights of William F. Buckley's appearance, more one-liners, and Mod Mod World about war and peace. This included most of the bits from that show as well as other bits about war and soldiers from other episodes. Then the second party segment, Arte and Judy in Robot Theatre, Orson Welles doing Radio Horror Theatre, more short bits, and Goldie, Tiny Tim, Lily, and Alan reminicing. Next, Good News/Bad News, more short bits, Uncle Al, more Quickies, Ernestine calling Milhouse, more Quickies, which featured the Swizzlers, and Gladys and Tyrone, where Gladys actually kissed him. Following, The Farkel Family, Edith Ann on how to get a baby, Ruth's family as furniture, Tony Curtis as a mod designer for the Marines, Goldie, Ruth, and Jo Anne stuck on the road, Johnny at the kissing booth, the cast telling where they are now, and the 'Cookoo Laugh-In World' song with various clips shown(and several 'Good night, Dick's). Finally, a poem from John Wayne, an extended joke wall which featured Sammy trying to figure out what to get Don and Ida Ho for their wedding anniversary, Dick falling through a pool table, and Peter Sellers with Wolfgang in the bush.