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  • dvd for sale

    hey does anyone know of the new dvd that is for sale saw it advertised on tv today 10/11/14, I saw a website but cant remember what it was if anyone saw it please let me know, want to order it for my husband for christmas
  • Outlandish For It's Day

    I was little but I do remember the show very very well and how naughty it was for its day. Super uber modern! It was almost vaudeville in format and pushed the limits of the censors with catch phrases that were pretty close to the real dirty saying like "You bet your sweet bippy." I wasn't allowed to watch it except for when my parents weren't home and I had a babysitter. I was forbidden to watch because I might see Goldie Hawn dancing in her bikini and that was scandalous! For a kid it was colorful and fun to watch but completely over our heads. It's was adult humor but silly and fun so kids would enjoy it as well.

    Trying to watch it now it is very cornball since we have been exposed to so much more than what was allowed in the 60's. The humor is extremely dated and if you aren't familiar with 1960's political situations or lingo, you just won't get a lot of the jokes. It was definitely a sign of the times and focused on the now and what was going on in the world at that time in history. It paved the way for shows with grit and teeth and got us away from the "Leave It To Beaver" presentation to what people really were saying and thinking.

    We all knew June and Ward Cleaver had to have had sex to have Wally and Beaver but you didn't dare say so. Laugh-In not only told you - it showed you!

    It also created many characters that are still mimicked to this day. There are still phrases that became instant Americana and are still said to this day. It was very culturally and socially influencing and had its finger on the pulse of the moment. The joke wall was always fun especially when they didn't over edit it and you saw the bloopers.
  • A sketch comedy show that was in the linage of The Benny Hill show and which went on to inspire Hee Haw.

    Quite simply one of the classic TV sketch comedy shows ever and one that redefined television comedy forever. Shows that have come since that use bold, outrageous and controversial matierals such as Mad TV and SNL are living heirs to what Rowen and Martin did with Laugh In.

    The show was fast paced like a music video which was way ahead of its time. Few sketches lasted more than a minute or two. They had a huge cast and an even larger army of walk ons of everyone from Bob Hope to the President of the United States. Small wonder it was "must see TV" long before NBC came up with the phrase. My only criticism is that it isn't in syndication so we can enjoy it all over again today and you can't just buy whole seasons of it. These "best of" tapes are moronic. Everythign on Laugh In was a best of and I don't want some editor telling me what was best. Release the entire series to DVD and get some revenue from this classic show. I guarantee you will get a good sales return on this decision.
  • The definite best and rebellious variety show.

    This show broke a lot of barriers for variety shows. Before that time, guest stars and regulars were separated when it came to performances, but this show put regulars and guest stars together in almost everything. This show could make fun of almost everything that was happening at the time, including the pill, hippies, drugs, the way music changes, etc. Tyrone F. Horneigh and Gladys Ormphby were absolutely hilarious when it came to their relationship with each other; Ernestine and General Bull Right was comedically obnoxious; Mr. Rosmenko was absolutely hilarious by just talking in that weird accent; almost everything was terrific! This show is a must-see for anyone who loves good comedy. Please let there be more DVD releases for this show!
  • Before my time but still funny

    This show ended about 10 years before I was born. So how did I see it? On Trio of course! Yes Laughin still made me laugh. It makes me laugh because of the future reports for the 80s and also the skits. True some of the jokes are lost on me but one thing that is by far a classic is the Joke wall and the dance parties. Usually can get a laugh out of me even though I am a child of the late 80s and early 90s.

    I can see how Laugh In most likely inspired SNL and all the other sketch shows like it to follow.

    I would love to see a revamped or a tribute show to it. It was innovative and very good for a laugh.
  • Great Show

    This show was awesome and launched many a comedians career..Used to love watching Gilda Radner in that oversized rocking chair and the political humor was very timely....Even as a little kid I recognized how timely the humor was and as I see it in reruns I recognize it even more.....
  • You bet your sweet bippy Laugh-In is cool!

    Laugh-In was my introduction to humor. Yes, it really left an indelible impression on me and my sense of humor and what I think is funny...and it started from the time I was all of EIGHT years old...Nothing or no one was too 'sacred' to get the Laugh-In treatment! Nixon and John Wayne saying 'Sock it to me'...and every time Nixon was parodied or skewered..and the characters and skits like "here comes the judge" and the cocktail party segments...even Arte Johnson with his 'VERRRRY INTERESTING' Also Laugh-In gave us great comedians like George Carlin and Lily Tomlin! Those were the days...I often wonder why Laugh-In is not in was and still IS truly funny.
  • A variety show from the late 60's and 70's where no topic was to taboo, and no person in the news was safe from ridicul.

    Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In can be descibed in four words "Sock It To Me" it's in your face attitute of irrevrent comedy made this show timeless. It made the nation sit up and pay attention (wheather they liked it or not),spawned dozens of cathphrases, and launched the career of sever well-known comedians. My favorite sketch is the infamous "salute to censorship. Very funny show with a cast that included Arte Johnsons, Ruth Buzzie, Henry Gibson and yes, Goldie Hawn (I think that's how her last name is spelled). In Short Laugh-In is worth takeing a look at.
  • The best way to describe Laugh-In would be "vaudeville with a '60's mentality." The fact that much of the humor is still topical today makes it a classic.

    One of the most ground breaking shows in history, Laugh-In is a classic for several reasons: Memorable characters(Gladys Ormphby, Tyrone F. Horneigh, Ernestine the telephone operator), catchphrases("You bet your sweet bippy," "Look that up in your Funk & Wagnall's," "Say goodnight, Dick") and a self-depricating attitude that almost begged to watch another show(mentioning Gumsmoke and whatever was on ABC). Many of the jokes were older than television itself, but the pace of the show was unlike any other that had been seen before. The overall vibe of the show is one of a party, one that always pleased the viewer every week. All in all, one of the best ever produced.
  • one summer nite in'68 i heard on tv "from the studios in beautiful downtown burbank it's rowan and martin's laugh-in!"it got wilder w/every passing minute!richard nixon saying "sock it to me?",john wayne 'daring someone to sock it to him!'dan,dick at the

    this show set the mark for ALL the comedy to follow for the next 20 years! the flip wilson show,chico and the man,the dean martin show,sanford and son,the list goes on and on.but this new concept of 'pushin' the envelope'to extremes was something new,never before tried on tv and so........................