Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

NBC (ended 1973)





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  • Outlandish For It's Day

    I was little but I do remember the show very very well and how naughty it was for its day. Super uber modern! It was almost vaudeville in format and pushed the limits of the censors with catch phrases that were pretty close to the real dirty saying like "You bet your sweet bippy." I wasn't allowed to watch it except for when my parents weren't home and I had a babysitter. I was forbidden to watch because I might see Goldie Hawn dancing in her bikini and that was scandalous! For a kid it was colorful and fun to watch but completely over our heads. It's was adult humor but silly and fun so kids would enjoy it as well.

    Trying to watch it now it is very cornball since we have been exposed to so much more than what was allowed in the 60's. The humor is extremely dated and if you aren't familiar with 1960's political situations or lingo, you just won't get a lot of the jokes. It was definitely a sign of the times and focused on the now and what was going on in the world at that time in history. It paved the way for shows with grit and teeth and got us away from the "Leave It To Beaver" presentation to what people really were saying and thinking.

    We all knew June and Ward Cleaver had to have had sex to have Wally and Beaver but you didn't dare say so. Laugh-In not only told you - it showed you!

    It also created many characters that are still mimicked to this day. There are still phrases that became instant Americana and are still said to this day. It was very culturally and socially influencing and had its finger on the pulse of the moment. The joke wall was always fun especially when they didn't over edit it and you saw the bloopers.