Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In - Season 3

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Episode #66
    Episode #66
    Episode 26
    The wedding of Gladys and Tyrone finally happens...and doesn't.
  • Episode #65
    Episode #65
    Episode 25
    Milton Berle takes a lot of abuse from the cast and hosts Tyrone's bachelor party.
  • Episode #64
    Episode #64
    Episode 24
    Danny Kaye helps the cast look at the generation gap and plays Gladys' father who hits up Tyrone for a loan.
  • Episode #63
    Episode #63
    Episode 23
    Ringo Starr tries to present the show while Ernestine calls Vice President Humphrey and Tyrone goes wedding ring shopping.
  • Episode #62
    Episode #62
    Episode 22
    Big Dan Blocker comes over from Bonanza to join the fun.
  • Episode #61
    Episode #61
    Episode 21
    Carl Reiner plays a slick toupee salesman and helps the cast with a Russian version of the show. Also, the debut of the Fabulous Farkle Fling.
  • Episode #60
    Episode #60
    Episode 20
    Jack Benny is rushed through several bits and Mod Mod World looks at work.
  • Episode #59
    Episode #59
    Episode 19
    Tony Curtis returns to play Grandfather Farkle and help the cast salute show biz.
  • Episode #58
    Episode #58
    Episode 18
    Peter Lawford returns and helps the gang salute women.
  • Episode #57
    Episode #57
    Episode 17
    Jonathan Winters helps the cast salute the American tourist, and his friend Maude Frickert has a fish fry with the Farkle Family and a run-in with Gladys over Tyrone.
  • Episode #56
    Episode #56
    Episode 16
    James Garner returns to the show for more hilarity, including a look at the American Indian.
  • Episode #55
    Episode #55
    Episode 15

    Nancy Sinatra helps the gang say goodbye to the Sexy Sixties, while Lily Tomlin makes her Laugh-In debut.

  • Episode #54
    Episode #54
    Episode 14
    Greer Garson is fawned over by Henry in this episode which also introduced the Farkle Family and their good friend and trusted neighbor, Ferd Burfel.
  • Episode #53
    Episode #53
    Episode 13
    Phyllis Diller flips her wig as she joins the girls as ballerinas. Also, Mod Mod World looks at the truth.
  • Episode #52
    Episode #52
    Episode 12
    The cast takes a look at privacy and life at the office, while Engelbert Humperdinck fends off the girls of the cast.
  • Episode #51
    Episode #51
    Episode 11
    The show started with Sammy trying to sing but Judy interrupting him and Goldie trying to remember Michael Caine's name. After the intros, Sammy introduced Dan and Dick as the judge, and the opening monologue had Dick confused as to who Sammy was. Potpourri followed, which featured Sammy and Arte as a Russian USO troupe, and Henry writing a novel, and some short bits. Next was the news, with Sammy and the girls in judge mode. Then a poem by Henry with a retort by Sammy, more short bits, including Jeremy asking Michael what he thought of Laugh-In, a Letter to Laugh-In, the party, and the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate. Then Gladys and Tyrone, more short bits, Arte as the Scandanavian storyteller and Sammy translating, more short bits, and Arte, Henry and Sammy singing 'There's Nothing Wrong With Being Short'. Then more short bits, Dick telling Dan about his new soap and The Quickies. Then Arte as Wolfgang as Michael as an English soldier, the good nights where Sammy wanted to sing, but all he got was water and the trap door, the joke wall and the last short bits.moreless
  • Episode #50
    Episode #50
    Episode 10
    The show started with several short bits, and Peter Sellers as a friend of Tyrone's helping him gang up on Gladys. Next, the intros, Rosmenko with a friend(Sid) introducing Dan and Dick, Dick telling Dan about more adventures of his invisible Uncle Willard, Uncle Al, Gladys with a gripe, Gen. Bullright talking about what he does with his day, and Jo Anne as the Language Lady. Following were more short bits, Sid giving Henry advice on being an actor, and the news, with the girls dressed as Bette Davis. Then more short bits, Goldie at the cash register, Peter explaining cricket to Goldie, the party, Dick's Day with Dick making lunch, and the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award. Then more short bits, the movie Wings Over Tijuana, more short bits, Potpourri, a Letter To Laugh-In, and a poem from Henry. Finally, the good nights, the joke wall, the last short bits and Sid with Wolfgang in the bush.moreless
  • Episode #49
    Episode #49
    Episode 9
    Carol Channing joins the cast to sing about blondes with Goldie, play Jackie opposite Arte's Ari, and salute you and your car.
  • Episode #48
    Episode #48
    Episode 8
    The show started with the cast having a singles party dressed in psychedelic pajamas, followed by the intros. In the opening monologue, Dick told Dan about a couple of the parties he went to. Following was a Letter To Laugh-In, Mama Jo Anne with advice for mothers, Buddy with Good News/BadNews, Jeremy as Cyrano de Bergerac, Dick's Day as he goes through his closet, the first short bits and Henry at the cash register. Next, the news, with the girls dressed like Wonder Woman and Buddy as some sort of superhero, a brief interlude with Dan, Dick and a guy with a hat, Robot Theatre with Arte and Judy throwing a party, more short bits and Teresa and Buddy at the cash register. Then, more short bits, Dick telling Dan about a party on his houseboat, and the party. Then The Quickies, more short bits and Mod Mod World about the world around us. Next, more short bits, Gen. Bullright talking about foreign influence, a bit about someone who thinks they are a dog and Uncle Al. Finally, the good nights, the joke wall, the last short bits and Buddy with Wolfgang in the bush.moreless
  • Episode #47
    Episode #47
    Episode 7
    Flip Wilson joins the cast to salute the presidency.
  • Episode #46
    Episode #46
    Episode 6
    Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, and Romy Schneider join the cast as they take a look at organized crime.
  • Episode #45
    Episode #45
    Episode 5
    Jack E. Leonard joins the cast to salute hospitals.
  • Episode #44
    Episode #44
    Episode 4
    The show started with the cast singing about chicken in weenies. The intros had a jungle theme with the Monkees as special guests. The opening monologue had Dick talking about reading the Farm Journal. Then the Monkees did a sketch about a courtroom too close to an airport. Following was a Letter To Laugh-In, Davy with Good News/Bad News, the first short bits, and the Parson at the cash register. Coming back, Dan and Dick talked about some enterprising business people. Then Gladys and Tyrone, more short bits, and the news. The girls sang the news intro as Mexican senoritas doing the hat dance. The news featured the Monkees as Knights of the Round Table, and the girls did the end song while taking a siesta. Then Judy with Good News/Bad News, more short bits, and the party. Then a poem from Henry, Goldie getting Jo Anne to make her invisible dog fetch a stick, more short bits, and Mod Mod World on the art of salesmanship. Then the Quickies, a bit about a mouse who was in a lab experiment, Mike with Good News/Bad News, the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate, more short bits, the good nights, which involved Dick talking about going skinny-dipping, the joke wall, which had Jo Anne screaming 'This is a take!' throughout, and the last short bits.moreless
  • Episode #43
    Episode #43
    Episode 3
    After appearing seperately, Sonny and Cher appear together and sock it to each other.
  • Episode #42
    Episode #42
    Episode 2

    Diana Ross joins the fun and the gang takes a look at insurance.

  • Episode #41
    Episode #41
    Episode 1
    The third season premiere features Debbie Reynolds, Peter Sellers, and Johnny Carson.
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