Royal Canadian Air Farce

Season 10 Episode 3

Episode 10-04

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2002 on CBC
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Episode 10-04
-News From Away: Jimmy and Seamus O'Toole report on Liberals ethics package, Canadian wins Booker Prize, Laurence MacAulay, American sniper, Garth Drabinsky, North Korea builds nuclear bomb, Calgary Flames streaker, man sells body parts, Robin Williams entertains the troops, women gives birth do own granddaughter, Jetsgo, Russian McDonald's bombed, Ketchup Bandits, Rolling Stones, new Loblaws ventures and Preston Manning. -Burgermeister at Immigration: The Burgermeister, Germany's number one children's entertainer, immigrates to Canada. -Sister Lucille Part 1: Sister Lucille unleashes her opinionated whip at Solicitor General Laurence MaCaulay. -Saddam & Weapons Inspector: Saddam Hussein welcomes a U.N. Inspector with open nuclear arms. -Sister Lucille Part 2: Sister Lucille unleashes her opinionated whip at George W. Bush. -Dylan & Springsteen: Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen's new CD captures rock's greatest mumblers. -Kyoto Panel: A panel of environmentally challenged guests discuss the Kyoto Accord. -Headline Weather: The Headline Weather channel – 5 seconds well spent. -Sister Lucille Part 3: Sister Lucille unleashes her opinionated whip at I.K.E.A.moreless

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    Luba Goy

    Luba Goy

    Queen Elizabeth II; Kim Campbell; Sheila Copps; Brenda the Bingo Lady; Margaret Atwood; Harry Potter; Elizabeth Taylor; Monica L

    Roger Abbott

    Roger Abbott

    George W. Bush; Don Cherry; Jean Chretien; Peter Mansbridge; Gilbert Smythe(Bite Me); Ralph Klein; The Pope; Jimmy O'Toole; Bria

    Don Ferguson

    Don Ferguson

    Paul Martin; Bill Clinton; Bob Dylan; Lucien Bouchard; Lloyd Robertson; Dalton McGuinty; Pierre Trudeau; Ron MacLean; Prince Ch

    Sean Cullen

    Sean Cullen

    The Burgermeister; UN Inspector; Bruce Springsteen; Guy dicussing Kyoto Accord

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      • Saddam Hussein: I have no weapons to hide.
        (The UN inspector opens a closet, revealing a nuclear bomb)
        UN Inspector: Then what is THIS?
        Saddam Hussein: Would you believe a really big firecracker?

      • Saddam Hussein (to a UN weapons inspector): Welcome, infidel dog of the West. Can I get you anything, coffee, tea, smallpox?

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Ralph Klein: I do not like any fruit called gourd, I do not like the Kyoto Accord.

        This is a parody of the Dr. Suess book Green Eggs And Ham and its recurrent phrase, "I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-Am."

      • Announcer: Springsteen reprises his Oscar-winning song.

        Bruce Springsteen's Oscar-winning song was "Streets of Philadelphia," written for the 1993 movie Philadelphia. The song is about AIDS. The version on the Air Farce is about pimentoes and marshmallows.

      • Bruce Springsteen (singing): You know I've got waffles in my pants!

        This song is a parody of "Dancing In The Dark," a hit single from Springsteen's 1984 album Born In The USA.