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Royal Canadian Air Farce

Season 12 Episode 19

Episode 12-15

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on CBC
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Episode Summary

Episode 12-15
What's News: Anchors Kyle and Meagan report on Canadian Olympic committee plan for gold in 2010, new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Eastern Canada snowstorm, new baseball steroid plan, Paris Hilton, book of bin Laden Interviews. Dar Heatherington: Dar Heatherington keeps us up to date on what is happening in her life. Look, Learn & Listen: Liberals demand northerners must register their canoes. Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me: Best Actress: Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me's Oscar chick picks. Aspirin Commercial: Commercial for the new extra strength spontaneous combustion aspirin. Canadian Moment Part 01: Air Farce's donut shoppers talk about George Bush's State of the Union address, Condoleeza Rice, casinos on Air Canada. Bill O'Reilly Animation: Fox loudmouth Bill O'Reilly is in over his head when he slags the CBC. House Of Commons Security: Anne McLellan deals with a House of Commons security guard. Superbowl Auditions Animation: Halftime auditions for the Super Bowl. Alan Park: Not The Official Story: Alan Park targets cadet Halloween party, U.S. occupation of Iraq, Kanata man's suicide, Iraqi election, same-sex marriage. Knob Of The Week: Sudbury Council: The city of Greater Sudbury Council are crowned Knob of the Week. Canadian Moment 02: Air Farce's donut shoppers talk about Guantanamo Bay/Donald Rumsfeld, Iraq elections, George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, American Idol, African Lion Safari attack and Virgin Airlines. iGod: Sister Melanoma unveils the church's latest gadget to get more kids to read the Bible – The iGod. Canadian Moment 03: Air Farce's donut shoppers talk about new slogans for African Lion Safari.moreless

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    Luba Goy

    Luba Goy

    Queen Elizabeth II; Kim Campbell; Sheila Copps; Brenda the Bingo Lady; Margaret Atwood; Harry Potter; Elizabeth Taylor; Monica L

    Roger Abbott

    Roger Abbott

    George W. Bush; Don Cherry; Jean Chretien; Peter Mansbridge; Gilbert Smythe(Bite Me); Ralph Klein; The Pope; Jimmy O'Toole; Bria

    Don Ferguson

    Don Ferguson

    Paul Martin; Bill Clinton; Bob Dylan; Lucien Bouchard; Lloyd Robertson; Dalton McGuinty; Pierre Trudeau; Ron MacLean; Prince Ch

    Craig Lauzon

    Craig Lauzon

    Ben Mulrony; George Stroumboulopoulos; others (2004- )

    Alan Park

    Alan Park

    Alan Park: Not the Official Story (2004- )

    Jessica Holmes (I)

    Jessica Holmes (I)

    Michael Jackson; Kalan Porter; Terry Leibel; Celine Dion; Belinda Stronach; Britney Spears; Sister Bessie; others (2003- )

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      • Security Guard (pointing a "weapon" at Anne McLellan): Freeze! Step away from the legislation!
        Anne McLellan: Is that a walkie-talkie?
        Security Guard: Yeah, with the mix-up with the gun registry, they won't give us firearms.

      • Dar Heatherington: This week I had to go to court for violating the terms of my house arrest. It was fun! Like watching "Law & Order" on a really big TV!

      • Vera: An interrogator at Guantanamo Bay wore a thong and a miniskirt and sat on prisoners' laps.
        Lady: Yeah, totally. But Donald Rumsfeld says he'll never do that again.

      • Alan Park: The Virginia Military Institute is investigating after pictures were released of a Halloween party where cadets dressed up as drag queens and Nazis. A spokesman called this behavior completely unacceptable without inviting Prince Harry.

      • (A Parliamentary security guard doesn't recognize Anne Mclellan)
        Security Guard: You could be an undesirable, like a terrorist or a Bloc Quebecois.

      • Meagan: President Bush delivered his State of the Union address on Groundhog Day. The President came out of his hole, saw his shadow, and predicted four more years of tyranny.

      • Dar Heatherington: I don't know why everyone is giving me such a hard time just because I sent lurid letters to myself and then complained to the police that they came from a stalker. It's not like I voted for the Green Party or something really crazy. Okay, I did vote for the Green Party but only because the voices in my head told me to. I like tuna!

      • Kyle: Michael Jackson's trial started on Monday, and already his plastic surgeon has been indicted three times for tampering with the evidence.

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