Royal Canadian Air Farce

Season 12 Episode 20

Episode 12-16

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on CBC
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Episode 12-16
Gomery Commission: Chrétien: John Gomery probes Jean Chrétien. Thank You News: Anchors Joan Manners and Donna Pleasance look at Prince Charles & Camilla, Iraqi coloured finger system, General Rick Hillier, Defense Minister Bill Graham, B.C. Beaver Fever, Saskatchewan wants same treatment as Newfoundland, new bat saliva stroke remedy, pit-bull owners. Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me: Best Actor: Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me's all-male movie review. Speed Network News: The fastest newscast anywhere reports on Quebec liquor strike over, Edmonton Police fire chief, U.S. opens border to Canadian cattle, Condoleezza Rice, Ontario trillium, Happy Days reunion, alcohol harmful as cigarettes, Queer Beer, Gomery comment, Gummy Bear implants, new Crest toothpaste, Neilson ratings. Lie Detector Commercial: Beauty cream tells no lies. Alan Park: Not The Official Story: Alan Park targets Winnipeg police videotaping Johns, SkyDome's new name, Sydney tar ponds, B.C. government targets beaver fever, Super bowl halftime show, Merriam-Webster approves new George Bush friendly dictionary. Crocodile Hunter Animation: Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin does it Vegas style with Celine Dion. Joan Rivers & Michael Jackson: Joan Rivers interviews Michael Jackson about his molestation trial. Daily Planet: Eagles: Jay Ingram talks about bald eagles. Parliamentary Asides: Ethel Blondin-Andrew: MP Ethel Blondin-Andrew promotes snow as a reusable fuel alternative. Leonard Cohen's Valentine DVD: Leonard Cohen's DVD of love.moreless

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    Luba Goy

    Luba Goy

    Queen Elizabeth II; Kim Campbell; Sheila Copps; Brenda the Bingo Lady; Margaret Atwood; Harry Potter; Elizabeth Taylor; Monica L

    Roger Abbott

    Roger Abbott

    George W. Bush; Don Cherry; Jean Chretien; Peter Mansbridge; Gilbert Smythe(Bite Me); Ralph Klein; The Pope; Jimmy O'Toole; Bria

    Don Ferguson

    Don Ferguson

    Paul Martin; Bill Clinton; Bob Dylan; Lucien Bouchard; Lloyd Robertson; Dalton McGuinty; Pierre Trudeau; Ron MacLean; Prince Ch

    Craig Lauzon

    Craig Lauzon

    Ben Mulrony; George Stroumboulopoulos; others (2004- )

    Alan Park

    Alan Park

    Alan Park: Not the Official Story (2004- )

    Jessica Holmes (I)

    Jessica Holmes (I)

    Michael Jackson; Kalan Porter; Terry Leibel; Celine Dion; Belinda Stronach; Britney Spears; Sister Bessie; others (2003- )

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    • QUOTES (11)

      • Alan Park: The word invasion will now be pronounced . . .
        George W. Bush (videoclip): Freedom.
        Alan Park: I don't know about you, but I prefer the old way.

      • Chip Driver: Time for all the news that's fit to be news faster than you know it's news!

      • Jay Ingram: Bald eagles aren't really bald, it's just a name.
        Environmentalist: Oh. I guess we wasted our money buying that case of Birdie Rogaine.

      • Joan Rivers: The IRS is after me for deducting my weekly facelift.
        Michael Jackson: Facelift? I thought you were having a stroke.

      • Joan Rivers (to Michael Jackson): You are so cute! I'd molest you if I wasn't so into myself!

      • Gilbert Smythe-Bite Me: And then there's America's favourite macho prune, Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby. This guy looks like the Sphinx with a bad haircut!

      • Donna: British Columbia is spending 80 million dollars to purify its drinking water from a germ that causes a sickness known as beaver fever.
        Joan: Beaver fever?
        Donna: Don't even go there! The symptoms of beaver fever include stomach cramps, diarrhea, and a sudden urge to eat your back porch.

      • Leonard Cohen (singing): You comb the hair upon my back, you took my last quarter, I checked the box, the mail was there, I found a restraining order . . .

      • Chip Driver: Condoleezza Rice says America has no plans to invade Iran. She added, "Then again, it's not like we really had a plan to invade Iraq either."

      • Gilbert Smythe-Bite Me (listing the Oscar nominees for Best Male Actor): Next we have Johnny Depp, the poster boy for Quirky Monthly, for his portrayal of an eccentric man who befriends four young boys. No, I'm sorry, that's the Michael Jackson court case!

      • Justice Gomery: Do you swear to tell the truth?
        Jean Chretien: Creeper jeeper, why start now?

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Billy Idol: Then I saw the bill, I cried --
        Leonard Cohen: Poor, poor, poor!

        This is a parody of the Billy Idol hit "Rebel Yell."

      • Leonard Cohen: Love stinks.

        "Love Stinks" is a decidedly unromantic song by the J. Geils Band. Joan Jett has also covered it.

      • Michael Jackson (singing): Look at me, I'm such a geek! A stressed out genius, a whacked-out freak! The King of Pop, I appeal to young kids! Now I'm in trouble for something they say I did! People say be careful Michael watch where you go, but I love my fans, even the ones who say no!

        Michael Jackson's song is a parody of his hit "Beat It."