Royal Canadian Air Farce

Season 7 Episode 15

Episode 7-12

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2000 on CBC
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Episode 7-12
Job Creation Commercial The Liberals' job creation program – passing out money faster than they can print it. Wendy Report The Wendy Report discusses Jane Stewart, Mike Tyson, George W. Bush, Elian Gonzalez, Asian migrants in Cornwall, Time Warner/AOL merger, and the Reform Party convention. Man at Bar While sitting at a bar, a man talks about events making the headlines. Included on his list are the Toronto Police Association’s True Blue campaign, Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, Ontario Conservative MP Tom Long’s comment, new sperm-shaped tie clip, and the Reform’s Unite The Right conference. Bouchard Greets Premiers At the First Ministers' meeting, Lucien Bouchard is first to complain and Ralph Klein is first to order drinks. Frankie & Olga A married couple is upset over the amount of deductions Revenue Canada takes from their paycheque. Videopinion - Groundhog Day Old boys Harold and Ernie reveal why Wiarton Willie should have stayed in his hole. All-Star Anthem The Great One sings for his sponsors at the NHL All-Star game.moreless

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    Luba Goy

    Luba Goy

    Queen Elizabeth II; Kim Campbell; Sheila Copps; Brenda the Bingo Lady; Margaret Atwood; Harry Potter; Elizabeth Taylor; Monica L

    Roger Abbott

    Roger Abbott

    George W. Bush; Don Cherry; Jean Chretien; Peter Mansbridge; Gilbert Smythe(Bite Me); Ralph Klein; The Pope; Jimmy O'Toole; Bria

    Don Ferguson

    Don Ferguson

    Paul Martin; Bill Clinton; Bob Dylan; Lucien Bouchard; Lloyd Robertson; Dalton McGuinty; Pierre Trudeau; Ron MacLean; Prince Ch

    John Morgan

    John Morgan

    Mike from Canmore ;Deborah Gray; One Fat Lady; Jock McBile; Prof. Luellen Aphazard; The Prophet on the Mount (1993-2001)

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      • Frankie: What this country needs is a good strong party on the right, led by a guy who's a combination of Ralph Klein, Mike Harris, and Preston Manning and Joe Clark.
        Olga: Sure! A beer-loving hospital closer with a voice like a chicken and no seat in Parliament!

      • Ralph Klein: Well, I'd like to close by saying some words in French. (pause) I'd like to, but I don't know any.

      • Bar Patron: But this whole Unite the Right business! You've got to ask yourself, if by some miracle Preston Manning and Joe Clark did start working together, that is an improvement? At their convention, 1100 people cast 1400 votes! Well, working on that principle, maybe they can win the next election.

      • Mike from Canmore: Okay, like Time Warner merged with a-hole.
        Wendy Mesley: Mike, I believe the company that merged with Time Warner is AOL, not a-hole.
        Mike from Canmore: That's not what I heard.

      • Wendy Mesley: Okay, Mike, what do you think about Elian Gonzalez?
        Mike from Canmore: Okay, they're kinda tasty, but I prefer nachos.

      • Wendy Mesley: A frigid Arctic air mass continues to grip parts of Canada. In Ottawa, it was so cold, Human Resources Minister Jane Stewart had to buy a space heater because she ran out of money to burn.

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