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  • Season 16
    • December 5, 2008
      December 5, 2008
      Episode 361
      Stephen Harper talks to an ordinary Canadian (who's wearing a Conservative campaign button) about why coalition governments are bad. Edith Wilkens from the Bank of Canada and Jerry the Bitter Clown give Canadians tips on how to deal with the uncertain economy. Shamwhoa commercial for the towel that can soak up anything. Nancy Wilson talks to Jim Flaherty and Celine Dion about the Parliamentary crisis. Salesclerks do some Christmas rapping. Nancy Wilson covers Jack Layton's address to the nation. Friday Night News reports on the Parliamentary crisis, Bell Canada's plan to privatize, rodeo being declared Alberta's official sport, the Gemini Awards, Plaxico Burress, and the world's oldest marijuana stash. Flashback: Seamus O'Toole and Rick Mercer walk around and rant about Canadian banks.moreless
    • November 28, 2008
      November 28, 2008
      Episode 360
      Canadians learn where the Vancouver Olympic Torch will be carried, but no one wants to carry it through a cold place. Sister Bessie talks about the opening of Parliament. Don Newman interviews Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. A grouchy mother deals with her hyper child at the Santa Claus parade. Friday Night News talks about a TTC service increase, the death of the Slinky co-founder, Girl Guide cookies with less trans fat, a dead elephant seal that washed up in Vancouver, Ballet B.C. layoffs, repatriating Egyptian artifacts, Stephen Harper's fondness for High School Musical, and a dead poodle found in an oven. Advertisement for a lightweight, inexpensive Christmas gift -- nothing. RCMP Corporal Jenkins learns that RCMP stuffed animals are not a safe Christmas gift. Flashback: the debut of the Chicken Cannon.moreless
    • November 21, 2008
      November 21, 2008
      Episode 359
      Jim Flaherty sells off government assets on the Shopping Channel. Elliotte Freedman talks to NHL player Doug Bradford about the dangers of suffering repeated concussions. Environment Minister Jim Prentice talks about "green guilt." A homeless woman muses about the changes a recession will bring. Peter Mansbridge talks about the upcoming session of Parliament, but there's a delay in getting things started. Friday Night News reports on the proposed automotive bailout, layoffs at DeBeers, Somali pirates, Stephen Harper listening to the Opposition, Barack Obama meeting John McCain, Hillary Clinton possibly becoming Secretary of State, a problem during a spacewalk, new technology on the ISS, a comic book from 400 A.D., a dictionary including the word "meh," CitiGroup's new business strategy, RCMP applicants being required to take polygraphs, a witness protection program in Saskatchewan, Kate Moss's new perfume, and annoying expressions. The Garage Guys talk about the current state of the North American auto industry. Flashback: the Confused Philosopher asks some questions.moreless
    • November 14, 2008
      November 14, 2008
      Episode 358
      Stephen Harper telephones Barack Obama. An office worker suffers through Take Your Parents To Work Day. Newfoundlanders celebrate the end of equalization payments, but Ontarians aren't so happy. Susan Born With An Attitude sings protest songs about the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Friday Night News talks about who's seeking the Liberal leadership, New Zealand's election, the abandonment of plans for a National Portrait Gallery, endangered beetles being found in Nova Scotia, Melissa Fung, a prisoner escape in Saskatchewan, Ontario's e coli outbreak, government employees abusing their credit cards, the death of the world's ugliest dog, the Anglican Church's Facebook page, and a grow-op fire in Kitchener. Michael Ignatieff plans to seize the Liberal leadership with his Bob Rae gun and a giant magnifying glass. Jay Ingram and Ramona Ick discuss Internet addiction. Flashback: a couple in Quebec suffers through the aftermath of 1998's ice storm.moreless
    • November 7, 2008
      November 7, 2008
      Episode 357
      Newly-elected President Barack Obama meets with George W. Bush and reads a letter from Abraham Lincoln. Stephen Harper unveils his new Cabinet. OPEC members have an emergency meeting about falling oil prices. Ad from CMA (Certified Moronic Advertisements). Friday Night News reports on the Presidential election, a prank call to Sarah Palin, a dead elephant in Calgary, the upcoming election in Quebec, Stephane Dion's resignation, a mouse found in cheese, equalization payments for Ontario, men's favourite colour for women to wear, and the new James Bond film. Ad Absurdum. Flashback: Mike from Canmore applies to Mensa.moreless
    • October 31, 2008
      October 31, 2008
      Episode 356
      John McCain and Sarah Palin do a "maverick campaign ad." Hinterland Who's Who describes the characteristics and pensions of defeated MPs. Liquidation Larry's has an election sale. Halloween animation about a creepy guy with an attraction to a pumpkin. Two Jack Laytons answer questions at a press conference. A PC tells a Liberal about a bake sale to raise money and fix the economy. Friday Night News reports on groceries being sold at Canadian Tire, French polls about the American election, Winnipeg being shown on The Office, India's Moon rocket, snake massage, National Knock Knock Joke Day, Alan Greenspan admitting to mistakes, and the inept plot to kill Barack Obama. A PC tries to get a Liberal to stop using the word "minority." A Canadian Obama supporter complains because she's not allowed to vote for him. Flashback: Stubby Johnson floods the ice.moreless
    • October 24, 2008
      October 24, 2008
      Episode 355
      Larry King interviews Barack Obama. Commercial for the new online dating site, Linda Sims reports on the day's financial highs and lows. Commercial for Bottled Air, a product with no dangerous additives. Friday Night News reports on rumours of a new NHL team, a new comedy show featuring Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin's election expenses, England running out of honey, tax cuts in Saskatchewan, fines for Torontonians who don't recycle, HIV murder case in Hamilton, CBC not renewing broadcasters' contracts, India's Moon rocket, and election recounts. A woman is terrorized by a telemarketer because it takes 31 days for the Do Not Call List to come into effect. Rex Murphy talks about the recent election. George Stroumboulopoulos talks to Margaret Atwood. Flashback: Musical bank commercials.moreless
    • October 17, 2008
      October 17, 2008
      Episode 353
      Don Newman talks to Stephane Dion and Jack Layton about the recent election. Edith Wilkens from the Bank of Canada tries to do some panic control. Green Party leader Elizabeth May lists the top five reasons people didn't vote Green. After winning the election and getting a "landslide minority government," Stephen Harper and other Tories sing about how they love Canada but hate a lot of Canadians. Friday Night News talks about Nascar-themed Harlequin romances, problems on Bay Street, Sarah Palin, Madonna's divorce, melamine contamination in China, a rumoured GM-Chrysler merger, Kim Jong-Il's health, and Canada losing a soccer game to Honduras. A guy tries to rob a bank, but the employees just laugh at him because the bank doesn't have any money. Suggestions on what else could have been done with the 300 million dollars used for the election. Justin Trudeau gets a visit from Pierre Trudeau's ghost. Flashback: A Scottish man from the MacIntosh clan can't marry a woman from the Innis-Buchanan McTavish clan because they're the IBMs.moreless
    • October 10, 2008
      October 10, 2008
      Episode 352
      Campaign commercial from Mr. Harper's Neighbourhood, featuring Tony Clement. Ad for the great new snack from China, Lead-Covered Melamine Bits. A guy registers for the Do Not Call list, then they call him back during dinner and annoy him. Some naughty vote swappers have a party. Farm couple Ed and Flo start their own political party. George Stroumboulopoulos helps pick the new Hockey Night in Canada anthem. Friday Night News talks about the new Ford Focus, medical wait times, lower gas prices in Ottawa, a wild cougar in Saskatoon, layoffs at the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, decreasing Australian accents, and population statistics. Jack Layton and the ING guy accidentally end up in the same commercial because they both like the colour orange. Flashback: A Thanksgiving Moment with Mike from Canmore (the late John Morgan).moreless
    • October 3, 2008
      October 3, 2008
      Episode 351
      Stephen Harper promises not to cut funding for Canada's Olympic athletes. CPAC presents "Highlights of Debate 2008." A desperate Wall Street broker sits on a street corner and begs passers-by to bail him out. Jack Layton does a campaign commercial with Simon Whitfield. Election Watch with Don Newman. John McCain and Sarah Palin make a campaign stop; he's forgetful and she's shrill. Farce Flashback: Jean Chretien campaigns for the 1993 federal election and demonstrates what will happen if the Tories keep cutting health care. "Olympic Heroes" with Elliotte Friedman.moreless
    • A Tribute To Roger Abbott
      A celebration of the late Roger Abbott's career and the wide variety of characters he played over the years.
    • New Year's Eve Special 2010
      Coming soon.
    • New Year's Eve Special 2009
      The Air Farce returns to TV for a look back at the events of 2009.
    • New Year's Eve Special 2008
      To be added.
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