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  • Couldn't be less funny if they tried...

    This show is awful, I wish it wasn't but it is. The jokes are horrible and of the type that you would expect that they were written by an average third grade student. Seriously it is exactly the jokes you would get if you gave a little kid a month old newspaper and said "come up with skits based on this". The jokes never go below the headlines you read in the newspaper. The cast are old and as out of touch as the material. My friend Kevin who is in an improv group could fart a better sketch and he has on many occasions. The impressions are pathetic. Nothing about this show is any good at all, should've been taken off t.v. years and years ago.
  • Boo!

    Royal Canadian Air Farce was a terrible show I can not believe it was on the air for so many years when I don't know one person who actually watched it. When ever I saw it it was always terrible jokes that made no sense and then a bad laugh track. Old people played characters i.e. did impersonations of famous young people that made no sense, had bad jokes, and looked acted and sounded nothing at all like the person they were supposed to be. Really a pudgy old woman is Celine Dion or whatever? I saw some episodes after they brought in new people that were younger, "younger" is a laugh since the one guy is like fifty and the other two were in their thirties. It was still awful. Shame on CBC for not getting rid of this dog sooner.
  • Sad. Just sad.

    Royal Canadian Air Farce is pathetic. I don't know anyone who enjoys this show but it must get some people watching since it apparently got good enough ratings somehow to stay on the air for 20 years. This show is awful, just plain awful. The jokes are pathetic and so predictable the average 6 year old could do better. Basically all this show does is take headlines (not even current ones) and then tack on lame jokes to them. For example "The government lowered the GST by 1%.... gee, that's almost enough that I can buy a chocolate bar every year!" followed by a ridiculous laugh track. The only reason I ever laughed at this show is that it is so pathetic it almost reaches the "so bad it's funny" level of anti-greatness. The cast can't do impressions and the costumes they wear don't even look remotely like who they're trying to impersonate. It also doesn't help that they're fat and 90 years old. Somebody should have shot this dog of a show 20 years ago. Still I give it 2/10 because it at least used to have a few grin-worthy bits on it but that pretty much ended when John Morgan quit the show. Not only was he probably the most funny of the group but it just seems like by that time the writing had also gone down the toilet. What a lazy, lazy, awful show this is. Avoid at all costs.
  • Abysmal!

    Royal Canadian Air Farce is so bad it's embarrassing. We should start a petition to force them to take the word "Canadian" out of their title, because I have never met a Canadian as unfunny as them, and as a Canadian myself I don't want them to associate their show with me. The fact that our tax dollars go to pay for this travesty of a show does not mean that we approve of it, I actually don't know a single person that watches this show. To be honest I can't think of one single person, not even one, who has seen this show and does not completely hate it. Whenever the subject of this show comes up everyone bashes it and wonders how it is still on TV. So how is it still on TV? Who is watching this garbage? How is something written and performed by stroke victims with no sense of humour or talent of any kind allowed on TV in the first place? This show is so bad I'm embarrassed. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • A parody show that has its roots from radio. There have been two main eras. The first with John Morgan, Roger Abbott, Don Ferguson, and Luba Goy and the current era with new additions of Jessica Holmes, Craig Lauzon, and Alan Park.

    This show has never been the same since John Morgan left. The seasons with Morgan were simply superb and I would have given it a much higher score for that era. Everything that Morgan did was great: Mike From Canmore, Jock McBile, etc. Now, the humour is disappointing in my opinion especially the Ad Absurdum segment - I absolutely find that irriating. But don't get me wrong, there are still some good segments like the Conservative vs Liberal parody of the PC and Mac commercial and it's still a descent show but just feels like it's past its prime.
  • Canadian satire, once a leader in the field, no needs to be put out to pasture.

    I remember in the late 80's-early 90's tuning in the Air Farce every Sunday afternnon. When I heard that they were going to have their own TV show, I was beyond excited. It became one of my most watched programs, and one of the only shows that the CBC produced that I would watch on a regular basis. The core four performers, Luba Goy, Roger Abbot, John Ferguson, and the late John Morgan, were pioneers in the satire industry. They created so many characters and classic sketches that still make me giggle just thinking about them. Some of my favourites include Mike from Canmore, Gilbert Smythe-Biteme, Dr. Haphazzard, the confused Philospoher, as well as the spoofs of Canadian and world celebrities and politicians. I will always remember Preston Manning for his R-E-F-O-R-R-R-R-M-M-M Party, Brian Mulroney ("Hi, how you doing!"), Jean Cretien's absurd vocabulary, and the Queen of England ("Hem hem")

    Sadly, in 2001, John Morgan retired due to health issues. The producers of the show used a revolving door approach of having special guest stars fill in the 4th slot, until they permanently cast the talented Jessica Holmes. She was the last good thing to happen to the show. Her Celine Dion impression is fantastic!

    Soon after her addition, they added Craig Lauzon and Alan Park. While these guys are funny, I must admit that this is where the show took a steep nose-dive in quality. The show went from being irreverant in a polite sort of way to down right mean. You can't help but fell that the writers of the show have taken it upon themselves to squash anyone who feels right-wing about anything. Many of the skits have become uninspired, dull, and sometimes even painfull to watch. A typical joke is now along the lines of "Bush/Harper is stupid!" followed by laughter. Trust me, there is little about this show that is original and cutting edge anymore. On any other network, it would have been retired long ago. Sad to say it, but this show is well past its prime, and except for the New Year's Eve episodes, I never make a point to catch the show. It is sad to see something that was once so great be reduced to this rubbish.
  • Royal Canadian Air Farce is Classic I watch it everyday

    A Few Months I ago I was watching TV with my Grandpa it was Called Royal Canadian Air Farce I loved it My Favourite Actor from RCAF is Rodger Abott he played Great Jean Chritein and a Funny Iraqi Hating George Bush.I Never knew this show aired when I was in Diapers I wish I Could see the Old ones before The Millieneum I guess I'll Need to get a Video/DVD to watch them.This show covers Event that had happened in a Week such as the Tsunami,The Great Election that Happened this Year and The Winter Olympics I Love this show.I want this show to continue It's all CBC's Got Since Red Green Got Cancelled and My Favourite Moment on Royal Canadian Air Farce was the Time Harold from Red Green got to be in The Chicken Cannon News.Watch this show and you'll Laugh to death.
  • This is a great Canadian show and if you like to laugh, you should watch it.

    This is the funniest comedy show that I personally have ever watched. I advise you to watch it. It is personnaly my favorite live comedy show. It is one of the best shows on TV right now and is a very funny comedy. That's why I give it a Ten out of Ten!
  • i love this show but the new ones suck

    this shwo is so good its really funny too they are so good at making fun of everyone like jean chretien and paul martin this is a really good show but i dont like the new ones like i said so watch the old ones till milk squirts out ur nose

  • Watch episodes from 1995-2001 to get the full impact of this show.

    The Air Farce introduced me to the world of politics, interestingly enough. It had this razor-sharp wit that poked fun at politicians in a way that everyone could laugh. This is shown by actual Canadian politicians making guest appearances constantly. It had so many classic ideas; Critic at Large, Mike from Canmore, I Love that Word REFORM and a whole series of Quebec separatist skits. After John Morgan (RIP) retired in 2001, the show struggled without his creative wit. Plus, the politics of the new millenium are no-where near as funny as the ones from the '90s. Classic Canadian humour.
  • The show Canada has been waiting for, and now it's here!

    This is definately the show that Canada has been waiting for! What more could one ask for: constant laughs while interpreting some different opinion on "hot" topic both domestically and nationally. I dont think the producers could have come up with a better combination of actors. You can tell the on-screen chemistry between them. The fact that the show is taped before a live audience while live is an amazing accomplishment. Personally knowing the director, Perry Rosemond, he does an amazing job of mainating what is thought to be, and is, the top news-spoof show on the box right now. Definately a show not to miss!
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