Royal Pains

Season 4 Episode 1

After the Fireworks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2012 on USA

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  • I've Grown to Hate Hank

    this plot.

    Evan gets in trouble for using his 2/3 share against Hank to decide which direction the company goes and everyone gets mad at him. But Evan didn't even bring up to Divya that Hank brought up his medical degree FIRST to trump Evan and say he ran the company and made all the decisions when Evan was happy with an even split in ownership spiritually even though he did technically own more. I really rate Hank really low now.
  • Hmmm, I liked it.

    I thought the show was written the way it should have been. I think that the writers are going to lead up to a big reconciliation episode. If the show continued to go like it was the past three years, what kind of show would it be? Boring, that is what. Every episode would be the same way, except with a different diagnosis. They have to keep it exciting somehow. Also, this show is about the relationship between Evan and Hank. They would have a falling out eventually. I liked this episode. I do hope that Evan and Hank make up sooner, rather than later.
  • omg2...

    why screw with something that was working?? Whoever s writing this show is stupid beyond belief. I want the show that I have watched and loved for 3 seasons back. You dont have to improve it or change it. I know that eventually Jill will decide not to leave and Hankmed will reform. I will stop watching till that happens.
  • OMG..

    I rate low because i don't like this new plot of splitting up hankmed / hank and evan

    I don't like 'van dyke' (even the name essentially pissing over diagnosis murder's dick van dyke) he's a douchbag, scum, stupid drunk idiot playboy with no substance and his medical skills are questionable..

    The two brothers have always been like oil and water but this spilt (yes signs have been there and was bound to happen) but to make it go this way of a petty immature boy with toys way is ***ed unless the people behind the show think we the viewer are also ***s..

    they are getting 'rid' of jill, they keep having raj turn up with his new bimbo, and paige is 'gone'

    half tempted to give up on the show it's like a rotting corpse all the fun comedy has been ripped out.. ok so hank and evans squabbles and some of the patients will get a laugh..but thats all....

    so unless everything is resolved and the show gives me something else to enjoy.

    season 5 ? i don't think so