Royal Pains

Season 1 Episode 10

Am I Blue?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2009 on USA

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  • Andrew McCarthy reprises his role as Tucker's dad Marshall who has been abusing alcohol and prescription drugs. Hank and Tucker try to convince him to go to rehab. Evan has a new friend who turns blue. Jill seems to be getting friendly with Charlie.

    An episode with some straight forward problems and a few twists at the end.

    Tucker's dad Marshall shows up for Tucker's seventeenth birthday with a new assistant named Libby who ends up collapsing and Hank and Jill who are there take her to the hospital. Later Marshall also collapses in his bed and sleeps it off but Tucker is afraid he is over doing it. Hank tries to speak with him but Marshall fires him a second time.

    Meanwhile Divya berates Evan for never having any girlfriends who he could really talk too so Evan being Evan tries to remedy that situation. He meets a Polish woman Anna who works for a client and he invites her to the beach as just friends. She comes along but really causes him problems because being European she immediately sheds her top. He is very uncomfortable but gets out of the situation graciously believe it or not. Later she shows up all blue. Hence the "Am I Blue" story title. She is on medication that causes extreme reaction to sunlight exposure and it temporarily turns her blue. Evan does get to kiss Divya because of Anna's jealous boyfriend.

    Hank and Tucker are fighting with Marshall who tries to go through an easy eight hour rehab program but almost dies except for Hank showing up and saving him. After a rough weekend they finally convince him to go to a clinic after some running around and fruitless talking.

    Jill had received a large check from Boris for her clinic but realizes it was for her dumping his blood sample from an earlier story where Hank was trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Hank gets an invitation to meet Boris in New York and when he comes to ask Jill to go she is busy with Charlie so he leaves alone. I believe we will find out what is with Boris after the cliffhanger ending this weeks episode. Good episode with some strong storylines and good acting. We have some drama brewing were this show has been pretty light hearted to this point. Should be fun. Thanks for reading...
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