Royal Pains

Season 1 Episode 7

Crazy Love

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2009 on USA

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  • A friend of Jill's, Katie who studies sharks has business with Boris and gets bitten by his shark in the basement. A Latin woman named Sophia ends up being a patient because of an accident and other complications. Jill and Hank have problems.

    A messy episode for so many reasons. Probably the weakest of the season so far. Acting was good but the story was a little busy to really keep everything in its place.

    Boris has a physical and blood work. There is something wrong but Hank misses it and by the time he realizes it Boris is gone. Then Boris blood work disappears as well.

    Katie, Jill's childhood friend from the Hampton's comes back to study the shark in the basement tank at Boris house. She is bitten and Hank wants it reported but leaves it to Boris. Hank also figures out the research Katie is doing is related to Boris ailment.

    Raj comes to see Divya on a trip to the US for a business meeting. They are scheduled to marry in the fall and obviously have known each other for their whole lives. Divya goes out of her way to avoid him. A lot of mixed emotions in general and crying at the end.

    Sophia is married to Javier. They are originally from Caracas, Venezuela and come from a poor upbringing. He is so afraid of losing her that he had a tracking device installed when she had her breast implant in Rio. She has a few accidents and it has an old style battery that leaks radiation into her chest. Hank and Divya get her to the hospital and save her. Javier is having money troubles and in the end everything seems fine.

    The trouble is we never really see completion to any of the above plot lines. They are sort of left hanging. The Jill/Hank plot line does take a dive at the end. Advice from her friend causes Jill to end their relationship maybe? Why do friends and family always give advice when they really should mind their own business! It's not like Jill really asked her and what was wrong with the relationship? How can anyone predict the future?

    I enjoyed the episode but the storylines were a little weak and unfinished for my taste. I am really interested in what is wrong with Boris? I guess we will probably find out eventually. Thanks for reading...