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Episode Discussion: Me First 3x09 (Aug 24)

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    Let's discuss Wednesday's episode Me First here. Enjoy!

    from USANetwork: Preview Clip & more
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    Im all for conflict, but the writers are really reaching with this story arc. Evan going crazy for 10 minutes which was more annoying than anything else. It honestly just made him seem like a idiotic child more than someone who was being lied to and had the right to be angry. Also, he finds out Paige's mother is sick and instead of running to her even after they "broke up" he sticks around to hit things at his brother first... How does that make any sense? I can see where the writers are taking this and it will probably end with some super happy bonding time with everyone learning to love and respect each other, but still, the set up was very awkward.

    VanDyke is a pretty cliched character but I still like him, and you have to admit VD MD is probably one of the funniest licence plates ever. I like how Adam is just forgotten.
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    i swear...on my way to post this and i don't know that i ever have b/4,i was thinking"i have to go the forum and ask if anyone other than myself felt like i just saw the worst depiction of drama and conflict"...blah, took the very words out of my mouth...over the top anger at hank by both the bro and paige's dad. divia not running to the rescue...she has many x's b/4...etc...and i also thought esp because they were back together in a flash (and it was a terrible scen)that it will happen next week the same for the brothers...unless they want a cliff hanger like..."i am getting married and very rich,like i always wanted,so i no longer have to have hank-med as my never liked or trusted my style...oh well. just had to let you know you were not pains is not worth all this but i was surprised to see your post so like what i was going to know...i still don't know what all this has to do with his thinking paige was cheating on him...she was taking care of mom and gone but really home???i must have missed something???
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    I was OK with Evan mis-understanding Paige and playing golf with things she'd like. It's a typical reaction, both in real life and TV.

    What I wasn't cool with was his reaction to Hank's Doctor/Patient confidentiality.

    This isn't new information, EVERYONE that's seen more than a couple of episodes of a medical drama knows that doctors take this thing very seriously... not just from a legal standpoint but a moral and trusting one. If people can't trust their doctor to keep a secret, how will they tell their Doctor theembarrassingstuff that might be important to their illness.

    Heck even Evan was already married to Paige, Hank would have to keep it confidential.

    However this situation was a grey area earlier in the season. When Paige first asked if Hank would honor Doctor/Patient confidentiality he said yes but that it might be awkward to keep secrets from Evan, then she decided not to tell him. So technically she only asked the question, and not told him something. But this morning's incident

    Evan is right, Hank has to give him more credit. He did help Hank out, put him on the path towards a great life and job. But Evan is getting a little full of himself now, and I really didn't like his reaction.

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    Paige's E-Type Jag is beautiful.
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    Hank was right and Evan is acting as an spoiled brat.
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