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Jill Flint - definately gone then.

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    [1]Jul 4, 2012
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    I was gutted when they showed Jills empty house, but I figured she'd be back considering she's the only charater that brings any credibility to the show.

    Oh, how wrong was I.

    She's definately gone. So now what? Knowing that when (if) she does come back it will only be as a guest star, do I continue watching with the remaining mediocre characters in the hopes that her return is a substantial one or call it day? There is always the chance that a new, replacement character, will fill the gaping Jill sized hole but how likely is that, really?

    I guess I'll see out this season to see which direction the show takes.

    The recent HankMed splint was a terrible storyline and I'm just not that interested in the Boris storyline anymore. Eddie R Lawson is just plain annoying and Divya is no longer as interesting as she was, and if anything she's actually regressed as a character. The only other interesting semi-regular character was Tucker Bryant but we haven't seen him since a third of the way through season two.

    As I said, I'll stick with Royal Pains through to the seasons end, but I can hear the death knell toll louder than ever before.

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    [2]Jul 12, 2012
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    i'm interested to see how things pan out, as long as the petty squabbling is over in hank med.

    i'll miss jill she was hawt, hopefully a new love interest will fit in well the possible new doctor lauren ?

    wondered by the trailer how paige lost her job and then being used a sex object bit have that happen as a reason for coming home.

    the idea hank can now be a super spy doctor is approaching shark jumping territory...

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    Hope she comes back.

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