Royal Pains

Season 3 Episode 9

Me First

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2011 on USA

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  • Evan returns to form (contains some spoilers).


    Evan returns to being a first class jerk again. He blames Hank for his
    (temporary) breakup with Paige, because Hank withheld information
    about Paige's mother from him under doctor-patient confidentiality.
    Evan ignores the fact that doctor-patient is not optional and that until
    the day of the breakup Hank had no concrete information that he could
    have shared with Evan, even had he been willing to break his oath.

    Even also ignores the fact that it was his insecurity, jealousy, and
    unwillingness to let Paige explain things to him when she tried that
    caused her to break up with him. He takes a golf club to Hank's car's
    windshield, and later claims that he has nothing to apologize for.

    Evan also took credit for the success of HankMed. It's true that he got
    Hank out of his apartment and out to Hamptons, but it wasn't to start
    a concierge medical service; he simply wanted to meet girls. Ever since,
    he has been a drag on HankMed.

    For awhile, it seemed like the show was going a different direction with
    Evan, making him seem like an actual human being, but with this

    episode he returns to what he was previously: the biggest schmuck on