Royal Pains

Season 1 Episode 5

No Man is an Island

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 09, 2009 on USA
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Hank and Evan accompany a wealthy family to a party on a technology-free private island.

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  • Hank and Evan go with a family to their exclusive island because the wife is eight months pregnant. After an accident the family is cut off from the outside world and Hank must take care of a number of patients. Hank and Jill try to get together.moreless

    This episode would have got a little higher score but even though the matriarch of the family does not like electronics it is hard to believe that one satellite phone is all the communications they would have with the mainland.

    Taking that away the episode was very entertaining. Hank and Jill's encounter at the beginning was broken up by Evan who has absolutely no sense of decorum. Even after he realizes that he has intruded, his own self importance overrides his common sense. Not that he has shown he has any common sense! Hank and Jill never do get to talk again until the end of the episode as Hank can't make a call during the weekend. No cell coverage and the satellite phone was broken.

    Jill throws Hank a curve by offering him the ER Doctors job at her hospital. He says he'll think it over.

    How Hank took care of Will played by James Rebhorn was very interesting if not a little unorthodox. The fact that it all became that serious was really a lark, but you would have to figure accidents happen.

    Hank walking into Rob and Claire's room was sort of a replay of the Evan move earlier in the episode. At least Hank thought Claire was in trouble as she was eight plus months pregnant. Then Evan walks right in and again does not seem to understand he shouldn't stand there and talk. I've come to the conclusion he is just an idiot so I'm getting less annoyed with his little antics at this point. I liked all the other characters and the acting was superb. The little boy did a great job as the "hero" in the end saving Will's life with Hank's help of course.

    Everyone gets back to the mainland and Hank and Evan get asked back for the following year. Hank gets to talk to Jill and he decides to keep his job with HankMed. Divya does a good job in Hank's stead and even helps on the Jill front.

    An enjoyable episode not the best so far, but all of the episodes have been pretty good at this point. I think it is going to be tougher to do believable stories without bending reality a little like they did tonight with the communications situation. A very good show with some interesting possibilities. We'll see which direction they take it. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • I love Hank&Jill!! It's adorable. :)

    Haha! The beginning of this episode was very interesting. It was getting really good then... EVAN burst through the door!! I'm surprised that Hank didn't kill him. I sure as hell would, if I was Jill. And I loved how Hank and Evan had to share bunk beds. Ha!

    I liked this episode. Last episode okay, but I like this one alot better. Can't wait for next week!!

    I also love the songs that this show plays. One of the best songs on the best show. I'm done writing so... la la la la la la la la la la lamoreless
  • awww.. and it had a good start.

    Was I mistaken? The Pilot episode was awesome! But this episode is just.. W-R-O-N-G. The most interesting part of the show was when Devon walked in Hank and Jill. After that, it was boring. I mean the old guy had a compound fracture; the rest of the stuff was predictable, WHY? They're in an Island with no proper medical supplies and only ONE sat phone. ONE SAT PHONE! If I owned an island I would make sure I could call civilization. Two working sat phone, a radio frequency and a hidden-emergency sat phone. I guess, what I'm truly trying to say is that this episode is a disappointment.moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Evan: Call me Ishmael! Call me the Rainmaker! Call me...the proudest brother on Earth.

    • Rob: So you are our last-minute compromise.
      Hank: I've been called worse.
      Evan: At HankMed, we aim to compromise, so that's great.
      Rob: That's the worst business mantra I've ever heard.

    • Sam: Aunt Claire, we're memorizing our audition song.
      Maddie: Yeah, we're gonna win the American Idols.
      Evan: Oh no, it's American Idol, kids.
      Sam & Maddie: Not for us!

    • Will: You're a good nanny, Steven.
      Evan: I'm a manny, and it's Kevin. (realizes mistake) Evan.

    • Evan: I've dropped phones in pools and toilets... the occasional mojito.
      Rob: Hot tubs, koi ponds, and a volcano.

    • Hank: She [Jill] offered me a job. In her E.R.
      Evan: As in, like, a bail-on-HankMed-and-leave-your-CFO-high-and-dry kind of job?
      Hank: Well, that's not how she put it, but yeah, it could have that effect.

    • Evan: My brother needed me for once. And, needless to say, I came through -- like Superman. Not like Superman. He's too much of a boy scout. More like Batman 'cause he's dark and mysterious and good with the ladies.

    • Evan: Call me Supermanny.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: June 6, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: June 14, 2011 on RTL
      Czech Republic: February 14, 2012 on Universal Channel
      Slovakia: June 6, 2012 on Doma

    • The working title for this episode was "HankMed, Unplugged."

    • Featured Music:

      "Waiting" by Toby Lightman
      "Let Them Knock" by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
      "I Suppose" by All Wrong And The Plans Change
      "Fot I Hose" by Casiokids


    • Evan: I'm your very own Mary Poppins for the weekend.

      Mary Poppins, a fictional character from the P.L. Travers book series of the same name, is the magical and lovable nanny hired by the Banks family to take care of the their children. In 1964, Walt Disney produced a musical film based on the book series and cast Julie Andrews as the title character.

    • The Shining:

      Evan said he didn't want to spend his island getaway "with the sisters from The Shining." He is alluding to the creepy twin girls in the hallway in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, The Shining.

    • Evan: Short Round.

      In one scene, Evan calls Arlo "Short Round." This is an allusion to the young boy who accompanied Indiana Jones on his adventures in the second movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    • Title:

      The title is a famous line from Meditation XVII, by the English poet John Donne.