Royal Pains

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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 04, 2009 on USA
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When a hospital trustee dies on Dr. Hank Lawson's watch, he is shunned by the medical community. Later, at a party in the Hamptons, he saves the life of a guest and stumbles upon a new career as an on call doctor for high society.

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  • A doctor who sees people and a Bureaucrat who sees dollar signs.

    So Hank brings in a kid he is playing with who desperately needs his help and all the while he made makeshift stuff to ensure the kid would get to the hospital he also does the right thing and calls that he is of more need. Instead the Hospital Bureaucrat sees dollar signs and insists on his day off that he scrap the kid as if he is a piece of meat and go assist the moneybags who any other surgeon could have done. Hank being the good doctor did both and instead of admitting her mistake the bureaucrat throws him under the bus. I like the writing, acting and has been one of my fave summer shows since the inception. At least he got rid of the fiancee who only saw him as dollar signs as well. I thought the casting of Divya is spot on and love how she can banter between the Lawson Brothers and keep her own.moreless
  • A ER doctor gets fired for doing the right thing.

    I was not sure whether or not I would like this show. I had to get through the first 20 minutes or so to get to what the show was all about. The set up and introducing of the characters seemed a bit slow, but once we got through that I thought the show had some interesting possibilities. The writing is good, the characters interact well, and the reality of the brother who is a bean counter who loves money and feels that the Hamptons are his ticket to the big time. What he does is get his brother on the right course to start his life all over.moreless
  • Series Premiere

    The series premiere of Royal Pains, USA's newest series and newest smash hit, wasn't bad at all; here are my thoughts on this new series.

    In my opinion this show was really good, the acting was good. All the actors seemed to have really good chemistry together which really makes this show a great show. The writing was really good and it was just plain addicting. I remember Paulo Costanzo in the Friends spin-off series Joey, which I loved and it's nice to see Paulo grow as an actor. I really liked his character too. This show had everything a great drama should have: great drama, great writing, great acting, and some comedy. It just gave me a few nice laughs. I'm not completely hooked on this show yet, but if the next few episodes are great I'm sure this show will be one of my new favorite shows.moreless
  • I loved it and hope to have the stories continue.He is a down to earth doctor with principles, which is rare these days. in a series for a change I loved the program ..It isn'tmoreless

    The acting and actors fit the parts. I got laughs too. It didn't feel like overacting actors. My friends liked it too. I got phone calls when it ended. They were hyped about the way the story went. Just don't have his buddy over do his part. many times the partner over does the odd ball stuff. I like the drama mixed in with some humor. I like the doctors attitude. He isn't all cocky and wiseass like some who play doctors. He plays it real and it comes across real. The charactors fit the parts they are playing. Keep going....moreless
  • .... A strong introduction for a good lead. A smart, morally sound, and ALWAYS calm and collected DOCTOR. Surround him with eccentric, rich characters in trouble that only HE can help with and you have an INTERESTING show.moreless

    This maybe JUST me, but i had a good feeling about this show from the first time i saw the trailer. It was probably the star, Mark Feuerstein, i first saw him in The West Wing and knew he was talented.

    USA has a knack for reinventing a genre. They did it with Monk and Psych for crime shows and they're trying to do it again with Royal Pains for medical dramas.

    I think they're off to a good start. A strong introduction for a good lead. A smart, morally sound, and ALWAYS calm and collected DOCTOR. Surround him with eccentric, rich characters in trouble that only HE can help with and you have an INTERESTING show.

    I have HIGH hopes for this show, and HOPE it keeps getting better.moreless
Judy Del Giudice

Judy Del Giudice

Reception Nurse

Guest Star

Michael Elian

Michael Elian

Israeli Bodyguard #2

Guest Star

John Farrer

John Farrer

Clayton Gardener

Guest Star

Christine Ebersole

Christine Ebersole

Ms. Newberg

Recurring Role

Meredith Hagner

Meredith Hagner


Recurring Role

Campbell Scott

Campbell Scott

Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: As Dr. Silver's right arm makes its downward arc to inject April with the syringe, Hank grabs Dr. Silver's right wrist to stop him (close-up shot). Then, the camera position immediately changes to a wider shot. Hank's hand is now on the inner portion of Dr. Silver's elbow.

    • Tucker implies to Hank that his great-grandfather Marshall David Bryant II is the inventor of the blender. In reality, the blender was first invented by Stephen J. Poplawski in 1922. Poplawski had his invention patented in 1932.

    • Goof: Hank and the EMS helicopter crew move Tucker up from the rear of the helicopter to load him in. EMS personnel do not ever approach a helicopter from the rear. This puts them out of the sight of the pilot, and more importantly, brings them right by the tail rotor, which can be extremely dangerous.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Hank: Who's your great-grandfather?
      Tucker: Uh, Marshall David Bryant II.
      Hank: Never heard of him, either.
      Tucker: Ever use a blender?
      Hank: Yeah.
      Tucker: You're welcome.

    • Boris: Where do you practice, Doctor?
      Hank: Nowhere. My last hospital fired me for letting a rich patient die.
      Boris: Bureaucracies. (scoffs) I find the skilled amongst us are better off left to their own devices. Yes?

    • Nikki: This is not what I signed on for. I wanted to spend on florists and caterers and photographers, not attorneys. I think we need to postpone.
      Hank: I'll see your postponement and raise you.
      (Nikki sighs, removes her engagement ring, and leaves it on Hank's table.)

    • Evan: You really need to get out of this apartment and get some fresh air, Bro.
      Hank: In Brooklyn?
      Evan: Honestly, it smells so bad. It smells like a moose had sex with a bucket of Chinese food in here. Like musty. And you kind of look like Jesus and Patrick Dempsey had a child, and that child grew older and then got really sick.

    • Evan: What's my favorite sport, Hank?
      Hank: Extreme social climbing?

    • (Evan opens the door and finds a beautiful woman waiting outside.)
      Evan: I'm still asleep, right?
      April: Um, I'm looking for Hank.
      Evan: Not if it's my dream, you're not.

    • Evan: (wearing nothing but a suit coat and a speedo) Okay, how do I look?
      Hank: You look like an Olympic swimmer from Queeristan.

    • (Entering the party in the Hamptons)
      Evan: Bro, this is where God would party.
      Hank: If he could get in.

    • Tucker: Are you gonna snitch on me?
      Hank: Not if no one asks, but I'm not gonna lie for a kid who risks lives all in search of a few ounces of frozen yogurt. Overhyped frozen yogurt, I might add.
      Libby: It's not overhyped, dude. It's a tart, refreshing, fat-free snack that offers ten percent RDA of calcium per serving.
      Tucker: Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.

    • April: For the first time in my life, I may actually be in love with a guy and you want me to just relay that info to him through his half-nude, number-crunching, little brother? It's just a bit awkward, don't you think?
      Evan: I think... Yeah, that would be a hundred percent socially unacceptable.

    • Hank: I need a bottle of vodka, a very sharp, pointed knife, uh, a Bic pen, a sandwich baggie and some duct tape.
      Libby: Sandwich baggie, duct tape. Who are you? MacGyver?

    • Evan: Where you going there, bro?
      Hank: Back to the city for some R and R.
      Evan: What if I told you I had two beautiful women in the bathroom right now and they came here just to see you?
      Hank: Yeah, Ev, sure. If that's true, I will stay the rest of the weekend.
      Evan: (clears throat) Ladies, Hank's home. (April and Divya enter) So, you remember April. She's here to thank you for saving her life. And this is Divya. She's here to apply for a job.
      Hank: Uh... (chuckles) Okay, let's go one at a time.

    • Boris: Life isn't always simple.
      Hank: But death is.

    • Hank: You really came prepared.
      Divya: Core wound care, home diagnostics, infusion I.V.
      Hank: Why does a P.A. drive around with them in her trunk?
      Divya: Well, they were on sale.
      Hank: Divya.
      Divya: Look, I want to show you all I can bring to the table. I mean, besides my work ethic, my knowledge of the Hamptons, my relationships with the locals...
      Evan: Your superbly well-toned figure.
      Divya: Don't objectify me, sidekick.

    • Evan: I love ya.
      Hank: Like you.

    • Evan: Note to self, become a doctor.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - (part 1)Kdo chce psa bít... (Who Wants to Beat a Dog...)
      Czech Republic-(part 2)Hůl se vždy najde... (Stick Can Always Be Found...)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: May 9, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: May 17, 2011 on RTL
      Czech Republic: January 10/17, 2012 on Universal Channel
      Slovakia: May 9, 2012 on Doma

    • Royal Pains is filmed on location in New York and at locations around The Hamptons. Scenes from the fictional Hamptons Heritage Hospital were shot at Oyster Bay Town Hall in Oyster Bay, New York.

    • Featured Music:
      "Whiter/Straighter" by Adaline (Hank and Nikki love scene)
      "Sheep Go to Heaven" by Cake (Hank in the hospital board room and as he leaves with his belongings)
      "Shut Up and Let Me Go" by The Ting-Tings (Hank's apartment, Nikki moves her stuff out)
      "I'm Shakin'" by Rooney (drive away montage and on the highway out to Long Island)
      "Papillion" by The Airborne Toxic Event (Hank and Evan drive through Hamptons and arrive at motel)
      "Ain't No Love in the Club" by The Wylde Bunch (Hank & Evan arrive at Boris' castle)
      "Don't Rush (remix)" by Suzie Rose (Hank and Evan walk inside to the party)
      "Calabria 2007 Club Mix" by Enur (tour of party)
      "All Around The World" by Zion-I (at the party; April recovering in Boris' guest bed; Boris and Hank talk)
      "Wishing Well" by The Airborne Toxic Event (Hank and Jill's date; Hank's montage; Hank talks with Boris)
      "Be Home Soon" by The Blue Van (Hank and Evan move into guest house)

    • Royal Pains is filmed on location in New York and at locations around The Hamptons.

    • This episode was presented with limited commercial interruptions, making it around 75 minutes long. Other episodes are 42/43 minutes long.


    • April: My head hurts... and my throat.
      Hank: A result of your Linda Blair impersonation.

      Linda Blair played the demon-possessed Regan MacNeil in the 1973 horror film The Exorcist, whose memorable scenes include Regan's projectile vomit hitting Father Damien Karras in the face.

    • Libby: Take a guess, McWeenie.

      McWeenie is a play on "McDreamy", the nickname of Seattle Grace head neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey) in the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Earlier in the episode, Evan said to his brother, "you kind of look like Jesus and Patrick Dempsey had a child, and that child grew older and then got really sick."

    • Gossip Girl:

      Evan says he's about to have a Roman orgy with the cast of Gossip Girl. This is an inside joke since Jill Flint and Tamara Feldman have worked on both projects.

    • Libby: Sandwich baggie, duct tape. Who are you? MacGyver?

      MacGyver was a 1985 TV series starring Richard Dean Anderson. His character was a master of improvising escapes, bombs, etc., out of common items.

    • Mrs. Newberg: (referring to her ruptured saline breast implant) I got a flat tire.
      Dr. Hank: Okay, I'm not AAA.

      He is alluding to the American Automobile Association, better known as AAA. They are a roadside assistance service for stranded motorists with flat tires and other car related problems.

    • Baywatch:

      In the scene where Hank is saving a young woman from insecticide poisoning, a lifeguard appears and offers to help. Hank calls him Baywatch. The allusion refers to the TV series Baywatch, starring David Hasselhoff as the head lifeguard at a California beach.