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  • low tide in the Hamptons

    I'm a sucker for the beauty of the Hamptons and that keeps me watching. Show has lost it's way and giving another showcase to the crude Kardashian circus was such a turn off- as in turn the channel.
  • the royal pain

    love the show But hopefully hanks brother doesn't get stupid lines love the show but his stupid


    hope show stay on

  • awesome show

    I watch this show on Netflix and love it, in love the main actors and actresses that are playing on the show, please keep it on and show more good stuff....
  • Great Show!!!

    I Love this show!!! But I bet ratings would have been better if they showed season 6 in Canada!!!
  • Royally Impressive!

    One of the best things that ever happened to television ever is this show!! Each episode is more fun than the other and when you think what more or new could they possibly bring to the table, bamm! your'e proven wrong.

    Never a dull moment, always fresh and cool, the characters are absolutely lovable. Not a thing that I would change about this AWESOME series. But I hope that they do bring the Newberg lady back, she was really sweet.
  • Keep it going!

    I just started watching this on netflix. I was watching House because I am a huge fan of medical shows, but I stopped watching it because once I watched Royal Pains I was hooked! I really want them to create more shows! I love all 44 minutes!
  • Keep this keep making new

    Man takes forever to get here. Love this show, hope they never cancel. One of the best shows ever. More more more. Finally something other than sitcoms and reality shows that are stupid. I watch TV almost 24 hours a day being disabled and takes a lot to entertain me. So the guy that said a half hour, really isn't a TV fan. Please keep this show!
  • This should be a half-hour show.

    It's not bad, but it just doesn't hold my interest for the entire 44 minutes. The medical aspects are interesting, the comedy is funny when it's there, but it's overall lacking in comedy. The boring romances and soap-opera like problems about interpersonal relationships seem to dominate most of the show. It's not bad, but it's not very good, either.
  • What happened to Boris?

    First you send Jill to Africa and now Boris gets killed? Yeah, not loving the new season of Royal Pains. What a shame since I've really invested a lot into it..... Oh well, buh bye!
  • What happened to Mrs. Newburg, Tucker and all the other cute recurring stars?

    I am re-watching past seasons and noticed the more current seasons are missing some of the most fun characters, Tucker, his gf, Mrs. Newburg..

    Still love the show and would love to see these characters return. I really hope they make Hank and Jill end up together in the very end they are perfect for each other.
  • great show and hope for more

    please let us know when the show is coming back on line we can hardly love it and hope for lots more episodes
  • Bring back the plaid!

    We are very disappointed what you have done to "EVAN". He was such a geek with all his plaid clothes. We appreciated his wearing plaid shorts, or a plaid shirt, or plaid tie, or even a plaid hat. We would wait for the next episode just to see what he was going to wear next. Now you have changed him into a ordinary guy! There is no longer any excitement for the next episode.
  • It's good but not for me

    In no stretch of the imagination is this the best tv show on USA. I like it but I think it needs more story if it wants to be up there with the rest. I like the characters all of them and there well played by the actors and actresses. But my problems start here it doesn't feel like a doctor show to me. Because I've seen house this is no House but they seem to cure the patients to quickly or the patients rarely go to the hospital. Keep in mind I have only been watching from the first season because I recorded it. But my friends seem to like it more. Some great things are the chemistry and the script. I think them building there company is interesting. But I wish instead of sharing building the company and being a doctor in the same episode they should have one as the main focus and the other in the back round slowly growing. I like the look of the show if that counts. But the comedy is only half there just kind of small giggles.
  • From Hero to Zero

    This season (4) sucks. Royal Pains was one of my favourite shows. Howevere last season is completely dull and unreal. The show was full of fun but nobody is laughing anymore.

  • Great Show

    I think that Royal Pains is an amazing show. It has been a bit hard to wait for the show to resume again, but i am just glad its back on. This show is definitely one of my favourites
  • absolut super show

    i just found out about this show ,and had a blast watching a full season in a go,so cool , i like the carcter of Boris mostly . ( when he speaks german, itsounds so funny :)

    Looking forward to see much more Boris /Marissa and Boris/ Hank +szenes -and yes Henry (Hank) and Evan yes i agree they have a great chemistry on screen.

    Cheers waiting for season 4 bring it on ( with lots of Boris Please:)!
  • new season #3

    5 hr befor ROYAL PAINS start LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!! TV guide and the preview on TV. all shows Jill is thinking about URUGUAY again,BULL DO-DO. this show runs on 4 actor & acresses . Divya , Evan , Hank , Jill. evan can have a love (wife) . davya can have boy frinds or love interest. but jill and hank are only for each other. Yes Hank had a SLUT he was banging when jill was gone for the winder ( URUGUAY) .you dont know about jill if she had a fling ( i hope not) Glades ended their season with Callie having to make a decision about her love or what she wanted to do with her life. Shepicked jim. things might change when they start up the new season. I have a lot of number 2 shows ( GLADES - HAWAII FIVE O - BODY OF PROOF - REVENGE - N.C.I.S. - N.C.I.S. LOS ANGELES ----ROYAL PAINS . bUT ONLY ONE #1 CASTLE . i dont want to give up royal pains but if you ( writers & directors ) screw with jill and hank GOOD BUY Tom
  • Uninteresting


    I've stopped watching after the midseason finale of the second season (I think, stopped caring a while ago...). The characters were good enough, but among the things that killed my interest on the long run (beside the lack of a good over-arching story):

    the setting, I find it quite boring, an environment full of rich people should make the show more appealing? didn't work on me. the setting-up of a concierge doctor business wasn't that engaging.

    the romance mess, the thing with Jill was so bad I don't even know where to start.

    So after many months I finally took the time to write this review, just to say enough.

  • Mark Feuerstein(Hank) plays the doctor & Paulo Costanzo(Joey) plays his brother. Hank is always very likable & Joey is here to provide the comic relief,to which he does a good job.

    Hank is great and we hope he and Jill will work things out. His Brother Joey is very annoying about the beginning of the season and you hope that they will get rid of him but buy the end of season one he has calmed down and starts to fit in. The duo has a good rapport right from the start. You totally buy them as brothers.

    Its nice to see a different story line every week with a background continuing for the main characters. I really enjoyed this series and hope that it returns for a second season
  • A light-hearted mix of House and Burn Notice, with some MacGuyver thrown in for good measure.

    After being blacklisted by the medical community in NYC, Dr. Hank Lawson is dumped by his fiancee. His brother pulls him from the ensuing depression by taking him to the Hamptons. As a reluctant party guest, Hank saves a beautiful young woman, and lands a new job -- as a concierge doctor to the rich. Despite uneven acting and occasionally off-the-wall premises, this show is addictive. Although the brother, Evan, has annoying tendencies, the fraternal chemistry with Hank provides some comedic verbal exchanges (although the dancing scene in the kitchen from the second episode made me cringe -- seems like it was envisioned to be funnier). His interactions with Divya, the physician's assistant, are a bit forced, but are likely laying the groundwork for an interesting relationship. Hank does a remarkable job of playing the bemused doctor -- he seems to have taken his predecessor's advice, and is not getting too comfortable in his new role. Undoubtedly, the best scenes consist of Hank and Tucker, a precocious teen-aged former client. I hope the show maintains its positive trend, and shakes off the 'new show smell.' Once the actors find their groove with each other, this could be a respectable anchor in the USA lineup.
  • Started out as a very decent show but the secondary story line is getting very annoying.

    The show started out quick and funny but the main issue that for me is starting to arise is how much the writers are pushing the relationship plot line part. The relationship Hank has with the hospital administrator (House anyone?) is getting an annoying forth and back and with the added material of Charlie, the long lost ex, they even got more ammunition to turn this show in a full blown soap opera (Charlie even looks like he is from a soap opera).

    Besides the nuance of the second story line, the show itself is actually fun to watch and enjoyable. I like the characters of the patients and how they build around it. I am also enjoying how Evan and Divia develop.

    P.s. does the administrator never ever has to work? Isn't it a busy job?
  • An ER Dr. from New York gets fired for letting a rich person die instead of letting a poor person die.

    Absolutely love this show and all of the characters. Think it is stupid that Hank gets fired, just because someone rich dies and he saves a young kid off the streets.Evan is supposed to be the comic relief so give him a break. Hopefully Divya can talk Raj into staying in the Hamptons so she can stay with HankMed.And i hope that Hank and Jill will get back together. Can't wait till next summer to see what happens next.Too bad we can't get the network to put it back on the air sooner. If more shows like this were on I would actually enjoy T.V.again.
  • I hope that the network will bring Royal Pains back for the 2009 fall and winter. My wife and I really enjoy the program. There is enough mystery around the characters to keep the viewer coming back for more.

    I was very impressed with houses shown in the show. It is hard to beleive that people have enough money to afford them and the young people really know how to enjoy themselves. Every week there is another crisis in the life of the main characters and their unique personalities get more defined. All the characters in the show do an excellent job of bringing a unique flavor to the ensemble. I am sure that if the show was shown in the fall and winter the audiance would increase significantly to the summer showings. The writing has been very good so far and there is no limit to what they can create using their imaginations. I particulary like influence of the old show "McIver" where Dr Hank must use immagination and skill to help people.
  • A Fun New Medical MacGyver Twist!

    I have waited until today to write my thoughts on USA's new show Royal Pains, which debuted this summer and aired its final episode yesterday. Immediately I was taken with the story. The writers create instant sympathy for emergency room doctor, Hank, who loses his job because he wouldn't cater to a wealthy patient over another lower paying one. He does however manage to help both of them, but in the end the wealthy patient dies. He is sued by the wealthy patient's family and is unable to find a new job. Then his shallow fiancée leaves him, since he's not making anymore of the big bucks or has a promising career. Hank sinks into depression. His bother, Evan, a fun quirky character, helps pull him out of this by taking him to the exclusive Hamptons for the summer. I found myself rooting for Hank as he winds up unwittingly becoming an overnight success as a doctor to the rich - the very type of people he was most hurt by and lost his job over. And Hank's character truly cares for people, no matter who they are. He is smart, definitely the new "MacGyver" (as the show happily pokes fun at – anyone up for a Richard Dean Anderson guest appearance? Hint …hint to any writers of the show if you're reading this.) of medical shows, and it's also loads of fun getting to travel into the wealthy lifestyles and adventures of Hampton residents. One of the most enjoyable characters Hank meets is Tucker, a lonely rich kid whose father you later find out is mostly absent or when present battling a serious prescription drug addiction. Hank becomes a sort of substitute dad and I can't even describe how deep and powerful these scenes play. Great acting, and great writing. The episode where Tucker asks Hank to help get his dad get free from the addiction is one that truly inspired, and showed that this show is not to be taken lightly (though it is smattered with some fun comedic moments too.) Another brilliant character is Boris, Hank's mysterious and uber wealthy landlord. And when I say brilliant, I don't use the word loosely. Throughout the season the writers keep his character shrouded in secrecy, and the casting for Boris is perfect, as Campbell Scott plays the mysterious tension with such smooth finesse that honestly he has become one of my favorite characters. I truly hope he returns, and the respected friendship they have grows. Hank can use all the friends he can get. Evan, Hank's brother is also a well rounded character portrayed with uncanny humor by Paulo Costanzo. He plays the fine line between funny sidekick and caring bro well. And if you haven't caught some of his side comments go back and watch for them – I wonder how much of that is from Costanzo's improv? Sadly along the way, it seems as if the writer's have forgotten what a smart, intelligent character Hank really is and have strayed from keeping the character consistent. There is no way he would fall for someone as fickle and shallow as Jill. Although some efforts were made to make it seem like we should root for her (she feels him losing his job was unfair and somewhat gives a care for her fellow man by trying to start a low income free clinic), she treats Hank like a plaything that she can use whenever she wants, no matter that she's still married. And the amazing thing is that the writers allow Hank to be so stupid. He just got out of a relationship with a shallow woman. He's a likable, sincerely dedicated guy, not a foppish immature idiot; we already have his hilarious brother for that. In order for me to want to keep watching please get rid of Jill. Hank continuing to grovel to her is embarrassing. I look for the next season with excitement and trepidation. I hope we're given more chances to explore life in the Hamptons. I certainly wouldn't mind shoving Jill off a high cliff, if we must have Hank involved then he can solve her murder using his mad medical skills. Otherwise keep the fun and depth, but be sure to bring back Boris and Tucker! Oh and RDA as a guest too of course.
  • its a good summer show and a decent medical comedy but it dumbs stuff down way to often and the copying of house should never have happend

    seriously what were they thinking when they decided to copy a house episode? lame idea and i guess they just couldn't come up with something remotely unique. if they want to become a dumb version of house good for it but i wont be watching. i love the main characters except for the obnoxious brother. he's disgusting stupid and you can't believe a word he says half the time since he's an obvious con artist. I'm waiting for him to eventualy get arrested. So far i like the relationships hank has with his new girlfriend the youg kid he saved and most patients. i kinda feel bad for divya sp? cuz she gets treated like a assistant and doesn't really stand out much on the show. the last ep though was kinda good for her character since she took a huge risk just to help a patient. i'll keep watching this but no more house copying ok?
  • Great Show...hoping for more humor but whatever.

    I typically would watch Becker on USA every morning before school and would see promos for this starting June 4th. It looked interesting and fresh compared to all these hospital dramas (Hawthorne, House, Grey's Anatomy) so I decided to DVR the pilot episode. I watched it the next day when I got home from school and thought it was pretty good. Needless to say I continue to DVR the episodes and enjoy the show. Hank is very down to earth and a do-gooder and he manages to salvage his life after the incident at the hospital and his ex-fiancee. Evans very dry since of humor adds to the show and not to mention his constant nag for finding "babes".
  • For me, Royal Pains is like a sweet mix of the skills of Mcgyver and the taste of the rich: Expect it's about a Doctor.

    When I first watched the Royal Pains trailer I got chills, I just knew it would become a great show and it didn't let me down!

    The main character has the most amazing doctor skills, I'd even say he's like a doctor degree of Mcgyver. And the fact it all ends up in the high tastes of the rich Hampton's just made it all better.

    It's amazingly written, I'm having problems placing this show because for me it fits in both drama and comedy. It has it's dramatic scenes, and the scenes that makes you laugh.

    I don't usually take a like to shows that's about doctors or nursers or anything like that. But Royal Pains just hits it off at the right spots.

    A lot of great shows these days are made awfully: They shot from weird angles or haven't founded the series right so it ends up looking like a show from the last decade. Royal Pain's is nothing like that, it's hard to find any flaws in the filming or production.
  • Good writing, good acting, good premise, good all around

    Mark Feuerstein came to my attention in "What Women Want", playing a small role as a sleazy side kick. His metamorphosis into the competent caring physician for all seasons is a tribute to his talent. It's a pleasant experience to watch a show where the lead character has a sense of ethics, and doesn't seek to profit at the loss of another.

    The supporting cast and characters are excellent, so far. There is a hint of mystery, tantalizing discoveries waiting, and explorations of back story to fill the screen for hours and hours.

    I know that a show is a winner, when I can watch the premiere episode, over and over. Especially, when it's a re-run, and I am still lured into rapt attention - disregarding other fare.

    This show has the potential to be a franchise that will run for at least 100 episodes, insuring that repeat performances will dot the cable audience universe until electrons freeze over at the end of time.

    The writing is good. The execution is top notch. The direction is clever and the camera work is not a distraction. I have not been nauseated with "shaky cam" nor excessive jump cuts by editors with Tourette syndrome.
  • A "medical" show that doesn't take itself too seriously, but provides enough mystery to offset the laughs.

    The viewer has to suspend disbelief to watch this kinda lightweight doctor show, but it's still a lot of fun. The premise is a bit weird: medico lets some bigshot die and saves a kid's life so he gets blackballed at his NYC hospital. At the urging of his brother (who is incredibly irritating), the two schlep out to The Hamptons where Dr. Bro becomes a so-called "Concierge Doctor." All sorts of trouble ensues, as one can imagine.

    The dialogue is often very funny, the kind that makes one howl with laughter and look around, embarrassed, only to notice that others in the room and howling as well. There are other parts that aren't as amusing, but some of the medical problems of his patients are well done.

    There's he mysterious Boris, played to the hilt by Campbell Scott (I think), affecting a very interesting accent... more German than Russian, but there are a lot of Teutonic guys named "Boris." As a big fan of "ER" and "St.Elsewhere," and a detractor of "Scrubs" and "Grey's Anatomy," I find this new show nice light entertainment. As I write this review (1 July), I'm going to have to wait until 9 July to see another episode and am already suffering withdrawal. All in all, a good way to spend an hour. At least I think so.
  • a lighthearted medical show

    I started watching this show on late one night on demand and ended up watching all three episodes. I was pleasently surprised. when i first saw the commercial i thought it was about a rule breaking doctor and thought "oh god not another show copying House" but then as i watched i realized that the show is more of a Mcgyver type. I usually don't watch medical shows other than House but i liked this one mainly because it is not a medical show. It is set around a doctor but the show is more about dealing with the rich people than the medicine. That is why i like it because it is origional.
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