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  • new season #3

    5 hr befor ROYAL PAINS start LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!! TV guide and the preview on TV. all shows Jill is thinking about URUGUAY again,BULL DO-DO. this show runs on 4 actor & acresses . Divya , Evan , Hank , Jill. evan can have a love (wife) . davya can have boy frinds or love interest. but jill and hank are only for each other. Yes Hank had a SLUT he was banging when jill was gone for the winder ( URUGUAY) .you dont know about jill if she had a fling ( i hope not) Glades ended their season with Callie having to make a decision about her love or what she wanted to do with her life. Shepicked jim. things might change when they start up the new season. I have a lot of number 2 shows ( GLADES - HAWAII FIVE O - BODY OF PROOF - REVENGE - N.C.I.S. - N.C.I.S. LOS ANGELES ----ROYAL PAINS . bUT ONLY ONE #1 CASTLE . i dont want to give up royal pains but if you ( writers & directors ) screw with jill and hank GOOD BUY Tom