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Royal Pains

Tuesday 9:00 PM on USA Premiered Jun 04, 2009 Returning June 2015



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Royal Pains Fan Reviews (40)

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  • It's good but not for me

    In no stretch of the imagination is this the best tv show on USA. I like it but I think it needs more story if it wants to be up there with the rest. I like the characters all of them and there well played by the actors and actresses. But my problems start here it doesn't feel like a doctor show to me. Because I've seen house this is no House but they seem to cure the patients to quickly or the patients rarely go to the hospital. Keep in mind I have only been watching from the first season because I recorded it. But my friends seem to like it more. Some great things are the chemistry and the script. I think them building there company is interesting. But I wish instead of sharing building the company and being a doctor in the same episode they should have one as the main focus and the other in the back round slowly growing. I like the look of the show if that counts. But the comedy is only half there just kind of small giggles.
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