Royal Pains

Season 1 Episode 8

The Honeymoon's Over

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2009 on USA
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Hank treats a children's book illustrator with a serious heart condition.

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  • Hank treats a childrens book illustrator that has a heart condition. Divya is treating a software guru who just married a swimsuit supermodel. Hank and Jill deal with the fact that Hank seems to be going down the same road as her former boyfriend.moreless

    A little better episode than last weeks. There were two patient situations and then Hank and Jill's trouble.

    First there is the illustrator who checks himself out of the hospital despite everyone including Hank trying to talk him out of it. In the end it almost seems like Hank is stealing business from the hospital creating another problem between Jill and himself. The illustrator has a heart condition and he has been self medicating with natural remedies which are great but people forget they can be just as powerful as prescription medications and as dangerous.

    Then we have the software writer who marries the supermodel. He is not happy with Divya taking care of him instead of the doctor. Of course Evan goes back to his annoying ways and causes problems and is very unprofessional. What is his problem? We are lead to believe that maybe the man has a STD but then at the end we discover his problem is related to all the flora brought in for the wedding.

    Hank and Jill seem to work out their differences in the end but it looks like Jill's old ex Charlie is showing up next week so we'll see how that goes.

    The good doctor saves the day a number of times and makes it possible for the illustrator to complete his work in time despite the patient being a pain in general. Divya solves the software guru's problem with the blessings of Hank. Evan is still annoying and everything else is right with the world.

    An enjoyable episode but not as good as the early episodes. The show has been picked up for a second season already. It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Thanks for reading...moreless
Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

Zach Kingsley

Guest Star

Katie Finneran

Katie Finneran

Julie Kingsley

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Peter Jacobson

Peter Jacobson

Alan Rider

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Hank and Julie find Zach on the floor of his studio, suffering a pulmonary edema, the amount of foam coming from his mouth changes between shots. In the wide shots the foam is overflowing from his mouth and dripping all the way down the side of his face but in the close up shots, the foam is only in his mouth.

    • Goof: Hank and Julie find Zach on the floor of his studio while suffering a pulmonary edema. However, the amount of discharge coming out of Zach's mouth varies as the camera switches to and from Zach prior to Hank wiping all of it up.

    • Goof: When Divya & Evan are first meeting with the patient & begin discussing his symptom(s) Divya quickly requests that Evan accompany her outside for a private conversation. As they go from inside the building to outside, her shirt changes color from royal blue to purple.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Divya: (to Evan) Be quiet. Be professional. Be-have. But mostly be quiet.

    • Julie Kingsley: (to her husband) Cut veggies, tea, and a Hank are no substitute for a hospital.
      Hank: The Hank tried to tell him that.

    • Alan Rider: You said your business is discreet?
      Evan: Oh, yeah. HankMed invented discretion, man. We're just, you know, too discreet to publicize it.

    • Divya: People pay to be treated, not coddled. And I don't give a tinker's curse for your marketing drivel.
      Evan: I can't debate you if you talk gibberish that sounds kind of like something a chimney sweep from Mary Poppins would say, but you can't cure him unless you win his trust first.

    • Divya: Will that be sufficient?
      Alan Rider: Delightful. On behalf of me and my genitals, thank you.

    • Zach Kingsley: I can't afford to play Russian roulette with our livelihood.
      Hank: Well, you're playing Russian roulette with your life.

    • Alan Rider: So what are you gonna check for now?
      Divya: Epididymitis or testicular orchitis.
      Alan Rider: Uh, neither of those sounds any good.
      Divya: I don't name them. I just treat them.

    • Hank: Look, the good news is the IV catheter's already in, so I just have to switch bags.
      Zach Kingsley: And the bad news is now I'll be lame. Kids hate lame, Hank.
      Hank: So you'd let your course of treatment be dictated by people who are three feet tall and eat paste for fun?

    • Zach Kingsley: Oh well, some days I have the mo. Some days I have the jo. And some days, I even put them together.

    • Hank: (about Evan) There's no stopping him when he's like this. The bylaws for our treehouse were 8 pages long...and it was an imaginary treehouse.

    • Evan: Anyone else dropping by? Some huddled masses? Fagin's gang of street urchins perhaps?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: June 27, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: July 5, 2011 on RTL
      Czech Republic: March 6, 2012 on Universal Channel
      Slovakia: June 27, 2012 on Doma

    • Featured Music:

      "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" by Andrew Bird
      "A Million Reasons (Instrumental)" by The Cloves
      "Morning Exercise" by The Heavenly States
      "Ten Speed Flying Racing Bike" by Ash Koley
      "Let's Play Together" by Rob James
      "Starlight" by Arthur

    • The working title for this episode was "Alchemy."


    • Evan: Maybe Fägin's gang of street urchins perhaps?

      Jewish criminal Fagin and his band of young thieves are fictional characters in Charles Dickens' second novel Oliver Twist, which was later adapted into film, musicals, and on television.

    • Divya: When the STD results come back positive, someone's going to have to discuss it with them.
      Evan: Well, that'll be a real Dr. Phil moment.

      Phil McGraw, known to television audiences as Dr. Phil, is a pop psychologist, TV personality, and book author who gives advice on living one's life through his seminars, written work, and his television show, Dr. Phil.