Royal Pains

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2009 on USA
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Hank treats a hallucinating woman. Meanwhile, Charlie and Jill move in together, while Divya and Raj anguish over their engagement party.

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  • Divya is scheduled to have her engagement made official. Hank must treat the owner of the place where the engagement is taking place. Evan is acting even stranger than usual and it's about the money. Jill is trying to decide about Charlie.moreless

    So here's the season finale. After twelve very good episodes we have to wait till sometime next summer for one of the most popular new series to come along in years? Nine months? Most people may not even remember this show was on by then!

    Not a great finale but unlike most episodes of Royal Pains this one had a little more intrigue. There was a lot of misdirected information situations, characters not revealing their true feelings, and some real solid angst involved in the episode and they didn't even deal with Boris' illness really at all!

    Divya dreams a little version of her engagement party where she finally stands up to everyone and does not go through with it. Of course that was just a dream and I guess I am at a loss in this day and age why this is just impossible for her to do. I think it's suppose to be just plain fear.

    Evan is truly the screw-up we always knew he was. Not only has he lost all of Hank and Divya's hard earned money but he lost it to his and Hank's father. Seriously they need to deep six this character. All he does is cause trouble for the rest of the characters in uninteresting ways. At least if he wasn't grating on the nerves as well as a problem you might think he was cute. No such luck. In the end except for losing the money I guess Evan really is sort of harmless.

    Now some true angst was introduced with the EVIL Charlie character who really is a bad guy. Look at what he is doing. He is pushing his way into a situation where is obviously not welcomed and still won't take the hint. Then in the end right before Jill makes her final decision he even pulls the scene with Hank where he tells him he's not welcome at her house. Who does this guy think he is? He is everything bad about people of his type. Basically no redeeming value. He even talks about the work he did before like people should worship him for dealing with the worlds problems. You don't do that type of work for the glory.

    The Zoey and Amy story was interesting but you had the feeling that what was going on was not so sinister after all. When those Long Island Ice Tea's showed up the first time I got suspicious. Zoey played by Alexandra Holden really doesn't seem like Hank's type but who knows where this show will go. It might be interesting to have him torn between two women who both might want him. He is a really nice, almost too nice, guy.

    I guess we'll deal with the Boris storyline next season as it was not really dealt with at this point.

    I'm wondering if some of the actors have other contractual obligations and waiting till next summer was the compromise. It would be interesting to know.

    Lots of stuff up in the air but nothing of earth shattering importance. Hank has a place to stay and I'm sure not everything will unravel too fast. See you next summer. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • oh please get rid of the retarded little brother

    his character actually kinda improved by 1 point 2 eps ago. and now it did a 360 nose dive and crashed into a parking garage. he was stupid to go behind hanks back and spend all their money. please don't come back you wont be missed. as for hank and jill knew it wasn't gonna work out. they just aren't compatible. but after seeing her kick that loser of an ex it might just work if she can get her act together. and stupid div whyd she not stop the wedding. though it does look like she has some feelings for raj. if anything hank and div might work lol.moreless
Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis

Amy Hill

Guest Star

Alexandra Holden

Alexandra Holden

Zoey Hill

Guest Star

Bruno Campos

Bruno Campos

Charlie Casey

Recurring Role

Rupak Ginn

Rupak Ginn

Raj Bandyopadhyay

Recurring Role

Ajay Mehta

Ajay Mehta

Devesh Katdare

Recurring Role

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    • Evan: Why don't you just summon the apparitions?
      Divya: Okay, why are you asking me?
      Evan: Because you're Indian. Maybe some of the rituals translate, right?
      Divya: Wait a second. You think that Hinduism and Wicca are overlapping ideologies?
      Evan: I'm just thinkin' outside the box.
      Divya: You're a bloody neanderthal.

    • Zoey: My sister's a little off-center sometimes.
      Hank: Oh, I know how you feel. My brother couldn't find the center with a GPS Device.

    • Amy: Someone close to you. Someone who looks like you. Someone with a letter 'R.'
      Hank: My brother. Evan R. Lawson?
      Amy: He's getting himself into trouble.
      Hank: Sorry, Amy, you don't need a gift to sense that one.

    • Evan: So that's a long island iced tea.
      Amy: House specialty. I make them every day for family cocktail hour.
      Evan: Really?
      Zoey: Apparently, spirits calm the spirits.

    • Divya: You want to do the spinal tap tonight?
      Hank: And that's not all I want to do. There may be only one way to get to the bottom of this immediately.
      (Divya and Evan at the same time)
      Divya: MRI?
      Evan: Exorcism?

    • Zoey: You never assumed I was crazy. Gave me the benefit of the doubt. Most people wouldn't have, Hank.
      Hank: Yeah, well, more people should be like us. And less people should be like most people.

    • Evan: We're broke.
      Hank: What do you mean broke?
      Evan: I mean depleted, destitute, insolvent.
      Hank: I was asking for an explanation, not a thesaurus.

    • Hank: Just know that Evan and I are here to stay, and there's always, always a place for you here with Hankmed, no matter what.
      Divya: Well, I appreciate that. And I'll let you know what my future holds, as soon as my parents decide it for me.
      Evan: Well, maybe negotiations will still fall apart last minute. Maybe your dad'll raise the dowry to five goats and a donkey and Raj'll call it a deal-breaker.
      Divya: Hmm. Maybe you're the donkey.

    • Zoey: Remember when I said I was too afraid to go see a doctor?
      Hank: Yeah.
      Zoey: If I'd known there was a doctor out there like you, I might've found the courage.

    • Evan: If I got bit by a bat, what's gonna happen to me?
      Hank: All right. Worst case scenario, you die. Best case scenario, you become immortal.

    • (after Evan gets bitten by a bat)
      Evan: So do you think I'm gonna turn into, like, a, an old school Bela Lugosi type or maybe, like, a hip, sexy Twilight vampire with like the (puckers lips and makes kissy face) and, like, the cool hair or what?

    • (at Divya's engagement party)
      Divya: (to Hank and Evan) Anyway, I am so glad that you both came...'cause I may need you to stand by with a getaway vehicle.

    • Amy: Do you have any idea what it's like to be given way more responsibility than you ever asked for? Way more than you ever deserved?
      Hank: When I was 12, my mom got sick. My dad, he lost all our money in the stock market, couldn't afford to take care of her. So he gave up, on her, on us and he left. And then our mom died. I know exactly what it's like. Being the older sibling one day and then feeling like a parent the next. You do anything you can to protect the only thing you have left.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom:July 18, 2010 on Hallmark/Hallmark HD
      Czech Republic: April 3, 2012 on Universal Channel

    • Featured Music:
      "Sit Down By The Fire" by The Veils (End song. Jill kicks Charlie out. Hank walks into empty house. Evan has left.)


    • Evan: We're not a concierge Ghostbusters service, okay?

      Ghostbusters is the 1984 Ivan Reitman sci-fi comedy film about three ghost hunters/exterminators in New York City. It had a sequel in 1989 and two succeeding animated TV series versions.

    • Evan: Here comes Patricia Arquette and Alice herself.

      Patricia Arquette stars as Allison Dubois, a psychic who helps law enforcers in solving crimes, on the NBC drama Medium.

    • Evan: ...old school Bela Lugosi type or maybe like a hip, sexy Twilight vampire...

      Bela Lugosi is most famous for playing the title character in the 1924 Broadway play Dracula and the 1931 film version. Twilight is the first installment in Stephenie Meyer's vampire novel series, also adapted into film starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.