Rozen Maiden

Season 1 Episode 3

Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lamp

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2004 on
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Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lamp
Hinaichigo is trying to get used to life at the Sakurada household but things aren't going very well since Jun doesn't like her and finds little kids annoying. Later Hinaichigo and Shinku are alone in the house when Suigintou, an evil Rozen Maiden doll, appears before them.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The character introduced in the episode, Suigintou, was voted the "Most Loved Character" in Nico Nico Douga's 11th Beloved Character Championship.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Jun: About the doll... What do you think of her?
        Tomoe: She suddenly arrived at my place. One day, I received a phone call. "Will you or will you not?" I was scared at first. I even considered throwing it away before I went to bed. But by living and staying close to her, it occurred to me... This girl must have been very lonely.

      • Suigintou: I will withdrawal for today. There's no fun in wasting my time with fools. See you again.
        Shinku: Suigintou! Wait a moment!

      • Shinku: If you have a problem, I do not mind challenging you now.
        Suigintou: That angry expression of yours is still as ugly as ever.
        Shinku: Keep your mouth shut!

      • Suigintou: By the way, why is the loser of the game, Hina Ichigo, here?
        "The one who loses the game shall hand over her Rosa Mystica to the winner as her prey." That is the rule of the Alice Game. Both of you have disgraced the sacred game.
        Shinku: It is none of your business. I have my own way of doing things.

      • Shinku: I see you have awoken as well.
        Suigintou: Oh? I already let you know of my awakening. Did you not realize it?
        Shinku: So... just as I thought, it was you controlling that doll.

      • Shinku: Come out and show yourself, Suigintou. Hina Ichigo, stay close behind me.
        Suigintou: It has been 586,920 hours and 37 minutes since our last visit, Shinku.

      • Hina: (Points to bathroom) Hey, Shinku. What's this room?
        Shinku: Very well. I suppose I can teach you. For this house, it is a beautiful place, but it's not a normal room.
        Hina: I know! It's a restroom!
        Shinku: Is that so?
        Hina: Don't tell me you didn't know, Shinku.
        Shinku: A mere servant talks back to me? How dare you!

      • Hina: Hey, he isn't here. I wonder where Jun went.
        Shinku: Really... Leaving without my permission...
        Hina: That's the only area that hasn't been searched.

      • Shinku: Tomoe does not have the ring anymore.
        Jun: The ring?
        Shinku: If we do not have a ring, we cannot obtain power from a medium. The reason Hina Ichigo can move is because I am providing her with power from you. Now, Hina Ichigo can not be separated from you and me.

      • Hina: I'm alone again. No one understands me. Tomoe understood me. Though I didn't say anything, Tomoe always brought me...
        Jun: Then go back to her. If you do, I'll feel much bett...
        Hina: I want to! I... really want to... but I can't stay with her anymore.

      • Jun: (Picking up Hina's drawing) What is this?
        Hina: It's very sweet. This... is what I want. I want to eat it. It's white, sweet, and very unyu. It's black and red, too.
        Jun: It's white, sweet, and very unyu?
        Hina: Do you know what it is?
        Jun: As if I could guess from this drawing.

      • Hina: (Talking to Jun) You're the same as me. They always used to say, "Stay in there," when I was left alone. "Stay in there no matter what." That's what they told me. That's why... we're the same.

      • Hina: Hey, aren't you going to school? Tomoe-chan always went to school. Nori also went to school. Why are-
        Jun: Just be quiet! Leave me alone!

      • Nori: Hey Shinku-chan, do you know what Hina-chan's favorite food is?
        Shinku: I have no clue. I do not know anything about this selfish servant.

      • Hina: It's something that's unyu, black, and red!
        Nori: Black? Red? Oh, I know! Tekka-
        Hina: No!

      • Hina: I want something that is white, fluffy, and sweet.
        Nori: Something that is white, fluffy, and... Oh! I know! Here's some yogurt. How about that? You have things you like and dislike.
        Hina: (cries)That's not it!

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