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  • It was a great anime, but I couldn't get that hooked onto it. It was a little confusing and not much action. (spoilers)

    I think this anime was Good, but wasn't something I'd rewatch again. The drawings were amazing and adorable and they were creating very pleasant lolita outfits too. I also like the fact that its a very unusual anime and its not something you see everyday. The storyline was good but there wasn't really much action that was making you wonder if there would be a serious battle BECAUSE they made Shinku so much stronger than all the dolls and she won, if I remember correctly, all the battles. Now, the ending was something I had a problem with. I have found 2 endings to it, which is very confusing, but the same thing pretty much happens. The bad doll gets somewhat cut up and dies I guess... Aside from the fact that there was minimal action and 2 endings, I still liked it and I would not turn it off when I was watching it. Now I watched it about 1-2 years ago, so pardon me if I'm wrong, but I can't edit my review, so I really think I got this all good. My rating is still only 7.5.
  • A great show with a beautiful storyline and a whole bunch of lovable characters.

    When I first heard about Rozen Maiden, my first impression was that whoever watched it must be nuts. I mean, how many people would openly admit that they watch a show about talking dolls and boy that's too scared to leave his home. It took me a while but I eventually watched it - and loved it! So far, it is my absolute favorite anime. I watch it to help me get through hard times and I honestly don't know how I could have had such a bad impression of it.

    As I said before, the main character, Jun, doesn't leave the house. He is afraid of people and going back to school and locks himself up in his room ordering supernatural objects just to send them back the next day. But, one day, he accidentally orders something that's real. Shinku, a doll, magically appears in his room and his life changes forever. We eventually learn that there are six other dolls just like her - and they're all against each other to win a game called the Alice Game - where one special doll can become the most beautiful and complete doll and be reunited with their father. The show is amazing! It has drama, fighting, and a cast of unbelievable characters. Watch Rozen Maiden and you'll love it!
  • Jun is a boy who hobbies are buying vodoo dolls and returning them saying there a scam, and he wants his money back.

    Rozen Maiden, is about a boy named jun-kun, who won't step foot outside his house, because of what happend in his past. Jun-kun's hobbies are buying vodoo dolls off the internet to buy them and before the time runs out to give back if you were not happy with the purchase. Jun-kun has a older sister, who is dumber than, him but she looks like his older sister always calling her a pig, and is realy rude. Jun-kun is in year 8 but will not go to school. When Jun-kun gets a really wierd doll in a case. The doll is a big one for the normal sizes jun normaly gets. When jun winds this doll up she comes to life claiming to be the 5 rozan maiden of 7 of the series. Her name is Shinko. When they are talking a killller bear attacks them. Shinko says it's cute. Shinko says jun to swear by rose mystica that jun will protect it. When the fight is over Shinko explains that he swore on the mystica that he will protect it, whitch means he is her manservent and she has her powers working now. the only way shinko can use her powers is if her manservent swears on her rosa mystica.
  • My favorite anime series...

    This has to be one of the best yet underrated anime series' out there. With action, drama, comedy, and originality, it's easy to see why Rozen Maiden is my favorite anime. The show centers around a boy named Jun who hasn't left his house for over a year and seven dolls that need to fight each other to earn the respect of their "father" and become Alice. While some of the dolls decide to fight, most of them don't and live peacefully in Jun's home until they are forced to fight.

    The show has beautiful animation, especially for an anime, and the Japanese voice actors are really good. Overall, Rozen Maiden is an exhalant anime series.
  • Rozen Maiden is a series that centers around a young boy, Jun and his connections and relationships with the dolls of the Rosa Mysticas.

    I really love this anime. It's beautifully drawn, the characters are interesting, and the plot is just fascinating. I think the first thing that drew me in was the mere look of the series. The dolls are just so beautifully drawn and their fighting styles are pretty inventive. I also like the relationships that develop over the course of the series. The bonds that grow between Jun and the people and or dolls around him are a rather large part of the series. In meeting the Rosa Mystica dolls Jun's life gradually becomes more complicated but in the end it works out for him.
  • It's a really great anime!! This is totally worth your time, and can show how much one person can change and how, in life, "never give-up".

    Jun basically is a boy who never steps outside the safety of his home because of a tragic happening in his past at school. He is afraid to return to school and spends the rest of his time online shopping. One day, he receives a mysterious letter asking if he "will wind" or "will not wind", and that after making a choice, to put the letter in his drawer and the letter will be taken away supernaturally. Though skeptical about it, Jun does as the letter says, and the letter soon disappears. A mysterious box appears in his room. Inside is a beautiful, almost life-like doll with a key. Taking the key, Jun uses it to wind up the doll and she soon comes to life, claiming she is Shinku, the fifth doll of the Rozen Maiden. Jun is soon caught amidst the adventures of the "Alice Game", a battle the seven dolls must fight in order to become the ultimate doll, Alice, and to see their creator, Rozen, again. Jun soon finds the meaing of friendship, and his character changes drastically as he meets different people and comes across different dolls.
  • Jun is a recluse who enjoys ordering strang things off the Internet. One day after recieving a mysterous message he meets more dolls each very different from the rest, all in search of becoming the perfect doll Alice.

    This show is very different than I thought it would be. Originally I thought it would just be another harem show but boy was I wrong. To me Jun isn't the main focus of the show but the dolls are. They are what makes the show interesting to me. Go watch it you might be surprised.
  • This show is absolutley brilliant, I\'d recommend it to ANYONE, not only is it funny but you can learn quite a bit from watching and paying attention to it as well as get a ton of enjoyment, it gets full marks frome me!

    To sum it up in a few words: I think this show is BRILLIANT. The colours are nice and sharp, the voices are clear, the music is top-notch and the storyline as well as the characters is SO origonal. It takes a lot of potential and fans to make a manga into a t.v. series and this show has delivered big time and kept on delivering in series 2 and maybe perhaps series 3, there\'s certainly areas open to a season three such as:
    Will 2 certain dolls be brought back to life?
    Who is the mysterious Barasuishou look-a-like in the end?
    Those are just two of the questions that have not been answered by the anime (Those of you who did your homework and looked up Rozen Maiden on Wikipedia will know that the manga answers the second question mentioned above). But moving on from ifs and maybes and onto my opinions (which is what this review was all about) I think that this anime is one of the best to be spawned on television, the storyline is one of a kind and very well written, the score for it blends together a mix of classical and modern instruments giving a feeling to the music never before captured in an anime (though it has been used in movies, FF7: AC). I\'m just in awe everytime I watch this! If you were to ask me who my favourite character in this show was, I just wouldnt be able to give you an answer! Cause I like Shinku, I like Hina, Suisei, Sousei, Suigin, Bara, Kana Kiraka etc. it\'s jsut impossible for me to choose! there\'s only one flaw about this show: It\'s too addictive ^_^!!! But I can\'t really count that as a flaw can I? I\'m gonna end my review here and let you all make up your own minds about this anime, I hope you take my somewhat strange and wacky views into context and come to realise that this show is deserving of the score I gave it ^_^
  • There are actually 7 dolls in total. The first season only shows 5 dolls. The second season shows other 2 dolls. but 1 of the dolls from season 1 dies. The whole point of this show is each dolls have to fight to the end... and sees who becomes alice.

    I think this show is GOOD....... I love it alot, who said that this is not good.??? why dont you say that you dont get the story or you just not into it.... i watch the first season and i\\\'ve already watch the second season... i thought it was cool and cute.... sooo why dont you stop talking trash about... huh? do you think you can do believe... i mean how can you say something that sucks... well guess what???? you suck.... and you cant do any better, to bad for you.... it seems like you are like a wanna be....
  • A show that is chock full of the most annoying, irritating, and hateable characters of every anime I have ever seen.

    So I heard a lot about this anime through various channels, and people seemed to really be addicted to it. After seeing the characters so much, I decided that if this many people like this show, it must be good, right? The art looked really good and the characters seemed to be unique and interesting.

    How wrong I was. I have never seen an anime that has so finely honed the art of making annoying characters. What do we have in our repertoire?
    Firstly, we have the male lead named Jun, a drop-out who orders crap online all day and emotionally abuses his sister, acting like she is worth nothing. He spends the first episode or two simply yelling at her when she makes him tea and does nice things for him.
    Which brings us to our second annoying character, Jun's sister. She gladly takes the punishment and seems to still pine for Jun (going on borderline incestuous loyalty) and serves him even though she gets screamed at for everything. She's a pitiful sack of humanity who can't stick up for herself and seems to have 0 self-respect. She's also dense as hell, but thats to be expected of any female lead in an anime.
    Thirdly, we have Shiku, the first doll to be introduced. Shiku, while still having quirks, is probably the most likeable character. She has an aire of superiority and still seems pretty stupid, but is a gem compared to..
    Hina Ichigo, the second doll and total whiny brat. All she does is whine, so be prepared to have a shrill, annoying, Japanese voice whining through your speakers throughout most of the anime. At least 2 episodes start with her whining about selfish crap in her annoying voice that would turn any man into a child-beater. Not only the voice, but the reason -- she whines about EVERYTHING, mainly food. "MY STRAWBERRY IS MISSING!!!! WAAAAAAH" F-ck. Die in a fire.
    Fifthly, we have Suiseiseki. This seems to be most everyone's favorite character -- the girl with 2 different-colored eyes. But she's a bitch, pure and simple. I see not one redeeming factor in her. All she does is complain, act like a victim, and insult people. Great, such a wonderful character.

    And this is as far as I got. After 5 episodes of this sh-t, I gave up and snapped the disc in half. What a friggin waste of time that was.

    As for some positive comments? The art is very pretty, so much so that I feel really sad that it was wasted on such a crappy anime. The opening song is also very catchy. Hell, the opening is the best part of the entire anime, if you ask me.

    Anyways, try 5 episodes yourself, and if you aren't ready to nuke the animation studio that made this, you are a much better man than I. As for me, this gives me one more large reason to never watch anime again.
  • Rozen Maiden, It’s not just a show about dolls. It has an interesting plot with lots of emotion and comedy.

    When I first heard about this anime I thought to myself: how could a show about dolls be interesting? One of my friends begged me to give it a try and I’m glad he did. It turns out that Rozen Maiden ended up being one my favorite animes.

    The main character of the show is Jun, a teenage boy who is slightly emotionally disturbed at the start of the show. While online he makes the mistake of ordering a unique doll through a mail order company. He has no idea what’s in store for him next as Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden doll appears before him. Quickly he is brought into the world of the ‘Alice Game’ where Shinku must fight other dolls like herself. Along the way as Jun meets other dolls he starts to more about himself in an odd sort of way. This show also has comedy elements especially when several more of the Rozen Maiden dolls start living with Jun.
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