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  • Pure Ruby - Reiner Rubin

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 12/23/04

    Jun carries Shinku off while the rest of the dolls fight Suigintou. Shinku breaks down upon the loss of her arm. She feels that she has become defective in the face of the dolls' constant strive for perfection and is no longer worthy to become Alice. It's Jun's turn to talk some sense into Shinku and he pledges to protect her. The dolls are beaten to a pulp and Suigintou moves to attack Jun using his fears. When Jun sees Shinku's broken limb, he refuses to lose to his fears and invokes the power to dispel Suigintou's attack. Shinku's arm reattaches itself and she faces off with Suigintou in a last conclusive battle. Suigintou is defeated and it's revealed that she's an unfinished/defective product but managed to get this far without a medium just by her determination and love for 'father' alone. She's powered by her desire to gain acceptance and wants to prove to everyone that she's a complete doll. Nori stops Suiseseki and Souseseki from trimming around Jun's tree, saying that Jun needs to ge rid of the weeds himself. Gradually, the landscape in Jun's dreamworld changes with sunlight filtering through parting clouds, reflecting a change in Jun's heart. Jun and Shinku shares another tender moment when Jun helps her to brush/tie her hair. Shinku tells Jun not to forget her and Jun wakes with a jolt to find his rose ring gone. Jun and Nori assumes that the Rozen Maidens won't be returning. Jun goes out for a walk and revels in the ordinaries of life. When he returns home, he's shocked to find that all the dolls are back to badger him! It turns out that the ring disappears beause they used too much power but as Jun's power as a human intensify, he's able to bring them back. The series end with all of them trooping downstairs to catch yet another episode of KunKun Detective Show (*Grins*, some things never change...).moreless
  • Destiny - Schicksal

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 12/12/04

    Suigintou distracts Shinku with her minons while she send Jun into his dreamworld to prevent him from interfering. Suigintou mentions flippantly that humans tends to break when they can no longer tell the difference between dreams and reality (the ending she meant for Jun). She is angered when Shinku keeps calling her a piece of junk and they engaged in a fierce battle. Shinku can't get away to save Jun and prays that he's not fooled by his dreams. Shinku loses her concentration when Jun is unable to face his fears in his dream. In his dream world, Jun is near breaking point when he is seemingly rejected by everyone, even Nori. Suiseseki and Souseseki wanted to enter Nori's dreamworld to save them, now that they no longer have Renpika and Amethyst Dream to help them open the door. Suigintou captures Shinku and forces her to give up her rosa mystique to save Jun. Hinaichigo comes along in time to provide a distraction and Shinku takes the chance to enter Jun's dreamworld. Suiseseki and Souseiseki covers for Nori to break through Suigintou's barrier so as to save Jun. She manages to get through to him. Meanwhile, Shinku and Souseseki is being pummelled by Suigintou. As Jun sees Shinku's fighting, he is reminded of her words 'To live is to fight'. Everyone is horrified when Suigintou tears off Shinku's arm.moreless
  • Separation - Abschied

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 12/9/04

    Suigintou enters into Shinku's dream to get her to wager her Rosa Mystique in a final Alice game to end it all. Shinku agrees. Suiseseki comes for a visit. Nori's classmate appears again in front of her house to confess but got knocked out by Souseseki's flying suitcase (poor guy). Nori requests for their help in practicing for her school play 'Snow White'. Nori is the narrator, Souseseki/Hinaichigo as the dwarfs, Suiseseki as the evil crone, while Shinku makes for a very chilly Snow White. Suiseseki totally relishes her role as the evil stepmother and gave Snow White a poisoned apple. Jun, as the prince, is required to give Shinku a kiss and he gets all flustered. Jun blushes when he chanced upon the Rozen Maidens in their undergarments as Nori washes their laundry. Nori and Shinku enjoys a reflective moment together and the latter tries to teach Nori to see things differently. Shinku lounges around in Jun's shirt when she takes off her dress for Jun to sew her cuffs. Jun can't help but steal glances at Shinku's joints as it reminds him of a long forgotten fact that they're basically dolls, not humans. Shinku talks about the existence of the Rozen Maidens. Alice is a girl of dreams that only lives inside the father and is pure, sublime and of supreme beauty. The father (Rozen)'s pursuit of this Alice results in his attempts at creating that form through the Rozen Maiden dolls. But none of his dolls realized Alice. But if a doll wins the Alice game and collects all the Rosa Mystique, she gets to be Alice. Jun feels that it's too cruel to make the dolls fight but Shinku feels otherwise and quote a phrase that I think sums up the spirit of the series nicely (refer to quote). When all of them are retiring for the night, Souseseki comments to Suiseseki that Shinku seems to be hiding something from them. Nearing to midnight, Shinku kisses a sleeping Jun to bid him farewell and leaves for her game with Suigintou.moreless
  • Cage- Die Gefangnis

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 12/2/04

    Suiseiseki is alarmed as Souseiseki seldoms open the door to dreams. Shinku surmises she must have been tricked. Suiseiseki is heartened when the gang votes to follow her to recuse Souseiseki. They enter into the master's dreamworld to look for Souseiseki and encounters Suigintou. Having possessed Souseisek's Renpika (shears), Suigintou wants Souseiseki's Amethyst Dream (watering can) as well. When the dream door disappears, Souseiseki knows that the master intends to lock all of them in his dream. Shinku askes Jun to leave with the twins while Hinaichigo and herself stays behind to deal with Suigintou. The twins bought Jun to a mighty tree that connects everyone's dreams in the world and whose branches allow them to travel between dreams. They enter into the dreamworld of the master's wife and to their suprise, sees Kadzuki. The master's wife refused to leave her dreamworld because of Kadzuki's presence and because both of them can live in a safe world without the pain of reality. This reminds Jun of his own situation but he sees beyond it to tell Kadzuki that he needs to return his mother to reality to accompany his lonely father. When they rush back to reality, Suigintou launches an attack on them. Jun tries to shield the dolls by holding back the attack but is being consumed with the effort. To save him, Suiseiseki gives up her Amethyst Dream to Suigintou who disappears after getting what she wants. When the master's wife wakes from her coma, the master also comes to his senses literally and figuratively. Back at the Sakurada household, Jun seems to be kind of missing the presence of Suiseiseki who stays behind with Souseiseki at their master's house.moreless
  • It is green the star stone -Lapisalazuri Stern

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 11/25/04

    This episode opens with Souseiseki floating around a white empty space as if looking for something. She leaves after being summoned by her master (aka her medium). Turns out that Souseiseki and Suiseiseki is intially bound to an old man who looks upon Souseiseki as a replacement for his dead son 'Kadzuki'. Unable to take blow of their son's death, the old man's wife had been in a coma for a while. Souseiseki is trying to bring back her soul by searching her dreamworld (the white empty space) but has no success so far. Suiseiseki wanted to leave their master as he's becoming weirder by the day and taking his 'replacement complex' overboard. But Souseiseki refused to leave out of a sense of duty and so Suiseiseki stormed off in a fit to anger to look for Shinku. All the Rozens Maidens scattered in laughter when Jun chase after them for mangling his toy bus. When Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki hides in the storeman, the enchanted mirror shows what has transpired betwen Suiseiseki and her twin. Suiseiseki can't seems to cheer up afterwards and retires early to bed. Shinku notes that something must be up. In the room, Suigintou appears and shows Suiseiseki an image of Souseisuki being tied up to sleep on the floor instead of her suitcase. The dolls need to sleep in their suitcase to replenish their energies but if not and in a prolonged situation, become a shell of their former self. Suiseiseki can't bear to see such treatment and tries to bring Souseisuki away forcefully. While in their alternate world, they engages in a fight to stop Souseisuki from going back to her master. Suiseiseki flew off in tears, deeply hurt, after Souseisuki chose her master over her twin. Meanwhile, Suigintou appears before Souseisuki's master (inconsolable after finding his 'Kadsuki/Souseiseki' gone) and presents him with a way to always keep 'Kadsuki/Souseiseki' by his side - that is to trap Souseiseki in his master's dreamworld. Jun awakes to find Suiseiseki sobbing in a corner of a room. However, Suiseiseki is shocked to senses a door to someone's dream opening and knew something connected to Souseiseki is amiss. p/s: The master is why Souseiseki dresses like a boy instead of a girl.moreless
  • Dream - Träume

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 11/18/04

    Morning dawns and Shinku still won't wake from her deep slumber, Nori's classmate visits her house to make another confession attempt by way of a hockey stick as a gift but gets mistaken by Nori as a door-to-door salesman (*snickers*). Jun can't seems to wake Shinku no matter what he does. Since Rozen Maidens react when their medium is in danger, Suiseiseki (*evil smirks*) has an idea to wake Shinku up by causing some bodily harm to Jun but still failed to elict any responses. Jun becomes dispirited when Shinku didn't even respond to her beloved KunKun doll. Suiseiseki explains that the Rozen Maidens dream when they fall into a deep sleep. It's an eternal sleep that doesn't allow death and is emotionally exhausting as the doll is forced to relive moments in their lives since birth, whether happiness, anticipation, despair or pain. Jun surfs the net for more info and races out of the house upon obtaining a clue. Meanwhile, Hinaichigo gave a yawn and suddenly... The book Jun is looking for is located at the high school library. He has a panic attack just by standing in front of the school and runs away to return home emptyhanded. Only to find Hinaichigo asleep as well since Shinku (as her master) who gives her power is asleep. Having had Shinku's help in understanding Jun better, Nori decides to talk to Jun to encourage him. Although he drove her away by his rants, he becomes motivated again by Nori's parting shot - that Shinku really loves him (erm, not quite in the male/female sense but rather more of a care/concern sense). When he manages to sneak into the school libary, Tomoe saw him by chance and helps him by diverting a teacher's attention. Upon learning of the situation, Tomoe helps Jun to look up the book for clues. The trick seems to be summoning a spirit for help who then extracts a black feather from Shinku's back. Upon waking up, Shinku gives Jun another hair-slap for taking too long to wake her. Jun goes all red when Shinku askes him if he's worried.moreless
  • Tears - Tränen

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 11/11/04

    Suigintou has kidnapped Hinaichigo. Shinku, Jun, and Suiseiseki must travel to Suigintou's world and fight her to save Hinaichigo.
  • Stairs - Die Treppe

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 11/4/04

    Nora did not realise that a classmate is trying to confess to her and rushes off to home after her club practice. Shinku, Jun and gang is hooked on a doll detective show with the lead being a doll called KunKun. While they're engrossed in the show, Hinaichigo's strawberry is stolen by Suiseiseki. Hinaichigo is angry when Nori believes Suiseiseki's claim that HInaichigo finished her own strawberry and is so selfish as to covert Suiseiseki's as well. All riled up, Hinaichigo decides to go on a strike on the second floor with Jun as her ally. Their antics caused Suiseiseki to launch an offensive from the first floor. Tricked by Jun/Hinaichigo, Suiseiseki finally admitted she's the culprit. Nearing to dinnertime, Suiseiseki tries to tempt Jun/Hinaichigo into surrendering by emptying the fridge's contents and eating the goodies in front of them. To get Shinku on their side, Jun comes up with a plan to use a KunKun doll to lure Shinku in. However, he didn't expect Hinaichigo to lurch forward as well in trying to get to KunKun... The resulting chaos that greets Nori's return after her grocery trip makes her blow up and all agreed thereafter that she's the true boss of the house after witnessing her scary side. Note: This episode bears no relation to the plot but is really funny!moreless
  • Jade Stone - Jade Stern

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 10/28/04

    Suiseiseki, another Rozen Maiden doll, comes crashing through Jun's room in her suitcase. She has come is search of Shinku, who she thinks of as a big sister. Suiseiseki doesn't seem like Jun much, in fact her hates most humans. Later, using Suiseiseki's powers, Shinku, Hinaichigo, Suiseiseki and Jun all enter Jun's dream world. What they find inside is a gloomy, depressing worldmoreless
  • Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lamp

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 10/21/04

    Hinaichigo is trying to get used to life at the Sakurada household but things aren't going very well since Jun doesn't like her and finds little kids annoying. Later Hinaichigo and Shinku are alone in the house when Suigintou, an evil Rozen Maiden doll, appears before them.moreless
  • Small Berry - Kleine Beere

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 10/14/04

    Hinaichigo is another one of the Rozen Maiden dolls. She is very insecure after being neglected by her previous owner and forces her current medium Tomoe into her inner world. When Shinku starts to fight with Hinaichigo in her world Tomoe gets injured. What will Hinaichigo do now?

  • Rose Maiden - Fräulein Rose

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 10/7/04

    Sakurada Jun, a distraut boy who hasn't been attending school, orders a strange doll at an online mail order site. Soon he trips over a suitcase in his room. After opening it he finds a doll and winds it up. The doll suddenly comes to life and introduces herself as Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden doll. Later a clown doll appears in Jun's room and to save himself he must bind himself to Shinku as her servant.moreless