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Rubbadubbers - Finbar: The Mighty Movie Star

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Rubbadubbers - Finbar: The Mighty Movie Star

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In early September, Rubbadubbers, a high-spirited new animated series which turns an everyday bathroom into a world of imagination and fantastic adventure, will premiere on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. preschool programming block. Using the bath as a launch pad into a world of imaginary play, Rubbadubbers inspires children to believe they can be anything they want to be. One big splash of imagination after another, each Rubbadubbers story whisks the characters from an ordinary bathroom into a fantastic world of creative adventure. By using the bath as a launch pad into a world of imaginary play, Rubbadubbers inspires children to believe they can be anything they want to be. The loveable bath toys who make up the ensemble cast include Tubb the frog, the "leader of the bath"; Finbar,the wind-up toy shark; Sploshy,the starfish-shaped sponge; Terence, the crocodile-shaped bubble bath bottle; Winona, the squeaky toy whale; Reg, the battery-operated robot; and Amelia, the flying submarine.

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  • no los puedo ver :(

    alguien me puede decir como veo los capitulos
  • The best show off air, by far

    The rubbadubbas is the best show ever! Im 15 years old and im still trying to find videos to by. This show is all based around 7 bath toys; Tubb, Reg, Finbar, Terence, Sploshy, Winona, Amelia.

    Each episode begins with the Rubbadubbers in the bathroom. After a short while, one of the characters uses the phrase "if only" followed by what they wish (e.g. "if only I could have all the bubbles in the world"). The character is then transported to a dream-world where that "if only" is true. It always turns out that the "if only" goes wrong (e.g. everything turning to bubbles is actually a bad idea) and the character wishes another "if only" that takes them back from the dream world to the bathroom. Everyone is happy againmoreless
  • Splish Splash Splosh.....

    I like both the TV show and the commercials for it, and I don't know why it isn't on anymore, and at least it is by HIT Entertainment, and not by Nelvana or WB, both of those companies are very retarded, and one thing that I don't understand is why does that pink whale squeak like that?! It Gets On My Nerves Alot, and I really don't get that and it is stupid, but that is the only stupid thing about the entire series, and has it been banned from the United States or something?? I hope that it isn't. . .. .moreless
  • Bath toys that talk.

    Rubbadubbers is a show about bath toys that talk and make noises. They imagine what it would be like if they did something. Then, they are transported to that place and they act it out. I must say that that is lame. Sorry but it is. It reminds me of Barney but it is a little better than Barney.
  • Bath toys comes to life in an unexciting series.

    Various bath toys come to life once humans are done playing with them. They all go on zany, and mostly lame, adventures only a young child will love-sometimes this may not even be the case. Overall, this show may attract a young audience, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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