Season 1 Episode 3

Keep the Ends Out

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2010 on AMC

Episode Recap

Will walks to work. He has today's paper and is drinking a coffee. Will catches an odd man over his shoulder following him. He meets a Joan who's been waiting for him. It's David's wife, and she's never seen his office so Will decides to show her. The man that was following Will disappears as Will looks for him. They pass through the guards; it's a Sunday we hear. The guard takes her cell phone and any other electronic device. Joan says the office feels awkward; she doesn't feel him here, she says. Will helps Joan with the rest of David's things, putting the boxes in the back of her car. David's son is coming to see Will.
As Will heads back inside, again he sees the same man who has been watching him move. Will asks the guard to try and focus on the man on the street. He shows up on camera. Maggie and her daughter Sophie meet the man of the house on the street, Craig Young; Maggie looks surprised. Katherine Rhumor struggles to get out of bed. It's James Wheeler asking her to dinner. At the roundtable, the team presents adequate information this time. Now they've connected Yuri (Russian) to a German banker (this one is named George). The third man in the photo is still unidentified. Miles says they have no clue, no one does. Back in his office, Will scribbles away.

Kale asks for an update on things. Will tries to by more time with the Yuri file, saying the BND (German officials) aren't very nice. Kale says he'll try to push BND for more help. Maggie talks to Kale about Craig who just showed up on the street outside their house. Apparently it's her ex-husband. She talks to Kale about this, who apparently knows her backstory. Maggie wonders if Craig could be a good father again, Kale says people don't change. They head back inside after talking for a bit outdoors.

Will heads to a local cafe to find Evan (David's son). Apparently Evan was previously in a mental institution for an illness not disclosed (could be schizophrenia; totally guessing here just on the way he acts in this scene). Evans wants to know why David gave Will the motorbike. Grant, Miles, and Tanya work well into the evening. They wonder why the George guy picked "George" as a name, it just doesn't fit with a native-German. Miles takes a break and heads down to his office to make a call to someone named Maurine (There's a hint that this is wife). Will heads home, the motorbike taking up his limited- apartment. Will gets the idea to take apart the bike. He finds a manual. Casually flipping through it he finds a picture of David with his son. He notices some tape on the seat that was not there in the photo. He peels the tape back to find an incision in the leather. On the back of the tape is a lengthy cryptologic code in numeric form. Inside the seat is a gun. Will is pouring over the message on the duct-tape by next morning in the office.

Miles has a video of George heading on vacation. He notices a daughter in the video. Will asks him what a 10-digit number code could stand for. Miles continues watching the video for anything that might help. As Will heads home on this evening, again someone is following him. Will senses this and catches the guy this time. He won't answer any questions and gets a little rough with Will to get him out of the way. Miles pulls out more info on George – he goes on A LOT of vacations; it's suspicious. Grant and Tanya are also there again well into the night. Will shows the code to Ed Bancroft but he is of no help on this. Will asks about Evan. Ed says it probably wasn't easy being David's son. Ed suggests the code is something Will knows a lot about. The two agree that David was murdered. Meanwhile, Katherine Rhumor and James Wheeler are having dinner. Tom was apparently his best friend and his "brother". After this dinner, James heads over to Tom Rhumor's secret townhouse. The only thing he takes is a photo of 7 boys (probably includes himself and Tom) off a side table and leaves.

Evan has come by to Will's apartment in hopes to get the bike. Will says he's unfortunately taken it apart a bit. Miles continues working late trying to find something on George. He calls Maurina again. Miles says he has booked a Mediterranean cruise, but Maurina is not sure that's a good idea. It's now clear the two have separated and Maurina has the kids. Miles finds this difficult that he can't see his kids (it could also be due to his secretive job). Meanwhile, Evan helps Will fix up the remaining pieces of the bike. Evans says David hated to ride the motorbike. Will asks how many times the Yankees have won the world series – 27 is the answer Evans replies with. Will races over to Ed's house and tells him that the 10 digits are DATES. The list of numbers is basically the 27 days the Yankees won the World Series. But that's only 8 numbers, so Will thinks the last 2 numbers are people, players on the team but he can't figure it out. The first date, from 1912 had a special record from a kid whose last name was TRAVERS. They decode the people suggested by the codes.

Miles cracks under pressure the next morning. He's been there all night and has come up with basically nothing after looking at everything (credit cards, house rentals, etc.). Everything is perfect. Will comes in to start the roundtable, but Kale Ingram wants to talk to Will first. Kale introduces him to the special agent who's been following Will! Apparently, this was a normal procedure for people who get higher security privileges. Clearance was approved. As he's walking home on this night, Will calls a Daniel Burns to check 7 names for him to get checked out. The names are Jeffrey Garcia, Alfred Bermudez, Randy Hobbs... and then it cuts to Will in his apartment preparing himself to arm himself with the gun David gave him. Meanwhile, the two men (previously seen in the abandoned floor of a high-rise) now meet at a Laundromat. The white, bald one says he's been seen by Will. The black one says he was sloppy. The FBI agent is off him, the white guy says. The black guy calls someone on a cellphone saying that Will Travers is still "digging".
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