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  • Good cast and dialog, but I am really, really burned out on conspiracies. Seeing as everything is one these days, I just can't watch any more.

    I'm sorry but with everything going on, corporations literally bought the government, most politicians are happy about it, horrific disasters are visited on us by the most greedy who then trade on our misery and cheat their way out of their taxes and then buy the government and possibly the next elections, the media being rope-a-doped by the lobbies and either selling out or getting lost, and I could go on and on and on, I just can't watch any more conspiracies. It's not entertaining any more, it's just sickening. I'm sorry, my condolences to the cast and writers for their extremely, extremely bad timing with this kind of show.
  • 2D characters and subtle plot lead to a boring hour.

    I really wanted to like this show but it disappointed. I wasn't looking for car chases or gun battles but I wasn't expecting AMC to put out a boring pilot that left me wondering why they even put money into this show. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen but alas, they stayed in the land of boring and uneventful. The majority of the episode was wrapped around the main character with brash looks into his tragic past that left me reaching for the nearest sharp object. I decided that the pilot was just slow and gave episode two a try. Not my smartest idea. It was essentially the same song and dance as the pilot except we moved about an inch forward in the dreadful 'conspiracy' storyline. I am definitely not tuning in next week. Skip this show unless you want to be bored by 'conspiracies' and wishing you had your hour back.
  • Tried to like this show, but none of the characters are likeable to me.

    I, like many, came to find this show via Breaking Bad. I was intrigued by the first pilot episode that setup the 'plot' for this season. I'll admit it had me pulled in. I'm into conspiracy based reality and entertainment, but this tries and fails in my opinion. When the ensuing episodes came on I couldn't help but feel something was removed from the show. It felt a little dumbed down and the more I watched the less I liked the characters. In places, the so called 'twists' were very telegraphed and the concern I was supposed to have for the characters just hasn't happened. They just are not likable and all of them seem arrogant and self centered, which to me wold seem to be the antithesis of personas that are supposed to be selfless in their mission to allegedly protect others. Honestly, I have been watching this show week after week and have not committed any characters name to memory other than 'WIll' and I think I may have his name wrong. I'm only going to continue watching since I've already invested the time and hope something at the end of the season redeems all the characters.
  • For the very patient.

    This show moves very, very s--l--o--w--l--y. Hopefully, there is a planned climax, unlike shows such as Lost. Maybe it will be worth it. If I can hang in there for this long journey. The characters are not very deep. The most appealing feature of the show is the suspenseful feeling that Will and others will uncover some mysterious plot around the deaths of certain characters that occurred in episode 1. However, through episode 4, not much has been learned, not much else has happened, and I'm losing interest in the characters. It's becoming a bit of the 'show about nothing' a la Seinfeld.
  • Torn

    I'm torn about this show: there were the little things I can appreciate, like the conspiracy which was being revealed slowly e carefully. The characters were good enough, I can picture them as real people with the good and the bad, but there was a incredible Slooow pace that, while probably find similarities with the real world intelligence , it's not bearable on a tv show. other notes:

    4 episodes for the wife to discover that her husband's friend had lied to her on knowing about the townhouse? katherine rhumor is useless, her scenes are painful to watch.

    After a few episodes I started losing faith in the show being able to pick up the pace and becoming more interesting, I managed to drag myself 'till the 9th episode, but a show i really like should be able to make me want to watch the show, to make me eagerly awaiting the next episoed ( or at least being entertaining ), that didn't happened, so... and If AMC had renewed it, I could have thought about resuming to watch, because at least the chance to actually discovering what this was all about was a little higher, that didn't happened too. Good like next time, AMC.
  • I LIKE the fact that it's slow burning and barely touchable.

    Most American audiences have been conditioned by CSI, X-Files, Fringe and similar shows to expect explosions, monsters, over-the-top creatures and events... Well, that just isn't my cup of tea. This is more like the cold war spy story, a secret, plodding, involved collection of hints leading to - who knows what - a cabal of international power holders? A group of men controlling the spikes of uprising in the world?
    The delicacy is in NOT knowing. In slow, painful clues being uncovered and solved, in rising paranoia and men in shadows...
    Now, to contrast my own words, the only thing that is not right here is the use of a well known TV element which keeps up the suspense but is painfully wrong - vagueness.
    For example, David leaves the code & the book before he dies, but after decoding it it says "They hide in plain sight". Oh, come on! If you're going to die and you want to be helpful to the next guy you should write "Person X bad, person Y killer. Seek person Z." But, I guess it's just one of those things shows can't do without.
    Anyhow, I say keep it up, keep it running and let's see what evolves...
  • Slow to start, but the conspiracies keep building, the musical score is outstanding, and the acting is as good as I've seen anywhere. Glad we got on board early, and who is this terrific production company, anyway?

    I'm always looking for a good spy drama, and Rubicon has been getting better every week. I started by rating it as a 7.0, but I'm already up to an 8.5. The story arc was slow to develop, and seem to be focused on tedious analysis by the API staff, who never exchanged a smile between them. The terrific musical score keeps me on the edge, and the sound editing is outstanding - quite a few scenes are silent, but that's effective, too. Other pluses - no camera jerking or annoying deep shadow lighting effects on the characters in their offices.

    We had to think a minute to recognize Arliss Howard in the role of Kale Ingram, most recently in our memory as Captain Push on "Medium" several years ago, and his acting merits respect. In fact, all the acting is outstanding - each episode more impressive for this production company. Tension stays high as we guess whether several characters are part of an undefined conspiracy - Ingram? Maggie? Andy? Spangler? Everyone's a candidate.

    The writers offer intelligent dialog that never descends to street lingo or valley-speak. The number of potential conspirators made the story hard to follow for the first few episodes, and I just could not see where it was all going during the connect-the-dots theme and clues stuck to the wall.

    Finally the larger conspiracy was revealed in Episode 11, A Good Day's Work, and the story line accelerates. After 10 episodes consisting mostly of quiet dialog, we were shocked at the well-orchestrated violence and sinister aftermath of an attempt on Will Travers' life. We're amazed that we were strung along on a seemingly routine, slow spy drama, but now it's on the top of our watch list and we'll never miss another - in fact, watching a Rubicon episode for the second time is better than watching almost anything else on tv.
  • Good characters and great dialogue. No spoon feeding either. Great show.

    Rubicon, two episodes in, is a great show. It has excellent dialogue - the sort that reflects how people really talk to one and other. It has set up some interesting questions about who our main character is working for. And the show also reflects the power dynamics between people and within organisations very well.

    Don't expect Rubicon to spoon feed you. I think audiences have gotten used to fast paced and told everything ten times (and then once again in the summary at the start of the show). Rubicon treats you like a smart viewer and, since you have time to keep up, doesn't bother telling you twice.

    I love this show. No doubt it will be cancelled in favour of a sit-com.
  • Rubicon's writers actually make the assumption that they have an intelligent audience who will latch on to the slow-building suspense. Refreshing and exciting!

    This show is amazing because it's not like anything else out there. So much of today's television is dumbed down to the point that a monkey could follow it. Rubicon's writers actually seem to make the assumption that they have an intelligent audience... an audience who will not lose interest because each episode isn't wrapped up with a neat little bow on top. It's refreshing and different. The slow-building nature of Rubicon really adds to the suspense. You know something big is just below the surface, waiting to be exposed. In short, this show has held my interest like no other has in years.
  • The best espionage TV series of all time. I can't understand its cancellation. What can we do to bring it back?

    The best espionage TV series of all time.
    I can't understand its cancellation.
    What can we do to bring it back? Full of complex-but-real characters, deep plots, beautiful photography, exceptional interpretation...
    You could do seven different shows with a different character each. If one of the actors have left the show, it could be continued with any other role as the main one (how many pieces of narrative can afford that?)

    Maybe not a blockbuster, but unanimously acclaimed by the critics worldwide. Why would anyone cancel it?

    AMC, HBO, Showtime, anyone, please, bring it back soon!

    If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must.
  • Shame it is finished..

    I have watched Rubicon with absolute delight and ...fear.. yes it was a bit scary at times. So much deception goes on - if the series as well as real life - that it actually makes you think that indeed something like that is or has happened sometime recently.

    The only difference is it is well orchestrated not by a bunch of a 'boys private club' but rather a large people of high interest which are very well connected with the government and law enforcement in USA and it's allies (UK for example).

    I have no doubt that large scale terrorist attacks have been manipulated by the people in the know, or 'the men in grey' as they are sometime called.

    The show was very good in pace and interactions. I actually like the slow pace; I really get tired of those modern 40min shows that move too fast. I really find them boring and unwatchable. 'Rubicon' & 'Mad Men' are good examples how you can create excellent, thought provoking shows without the need to impress every 2nd minute. The cast was excellent, and the acting brilliant. Some really good actors there which I hope to see in other things, especially lead James Badge Dale (Will) , Dallas Roberts (Miles) & Lauren Hodges (Tanya). I am quite sad it has finished it's run; but lets hope it will open a new trend.
  • I really love this show, mostly _because_ it is slow moving and complex. However, it also makes me afraid to get invested...

    ...because chances are that the slow peace will only appeal to few people. It's also not a show you could just hop in to mid-season, so again, the ratings may suffer for that reason alone.
    I really love the actors, great casting all around I think. Excellent story, love the real life "cloak-and-dagger" setting without the explosions etc. But I'm positively scared to get invested into the show, because chances are we'll end up with a cliffhanger and no second season. That seems to be the fate of these kind of shows lately (for years). I'll keep my fingers crossed.