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  • Slow to start, but the conspiracies keep building, the musical score is outstanding, and the acting is as good as I've seen anywhere. Glad we got on board early, and who is this terrific production company, anyway?

    I'm always looking for a good spy drama, and Rubicon has been getting better every week. I started by rating it as a 7.0, but I'm already up to an 8.5. The story arc was slow to develop, and seem to be focused on tedious analysis by the API staff, who never exchanged a smile between them. The terrific musical score keeps me on the edge, and the sound editing is outstanding - quite a few scenes are silent, but that's effective, too. Other pluses - no camera jerking or annoying deep shadow lighting effects on the characters in their offices.

    We had to think a minute to recognize Arliss Howard in the role of Kale Ingram, most recently in our memory as Captain Push on "Medium" several years ago, and his acting merits respect. In fact, all the acting is outstanding - each episode more impressive for this production company. Tension stays high as we guess whether several characters are part of an undefined conspiracy - Ingram? Maggie? Andy? Spangler? Everyone's a candidate.

    The writers offer intelligent dialog that never descends to street lingo or valley-speak. The number of potential conspirators made the story hard to follow for the first few episodes, and I just could not see where it was all going during the connect-the-dots theme and clues stuck to the wall.

    Finally the larger conspiracy was revealed in Episode 11, A Good Day's Work, and the story line accelerates. After 10 episodes consisting mostly of quiet dialog, we were shocked at the well-orchestrated violence and sinister aftermath of an attempt on Will Travers' life. We're amazed that we were strung along on a seemingly routine, slow spy drama, but now it's on the top of our watch list and we'll never miss another - in fact, watching a Rubicon episode for the second time is better than watching almost anything else on tv.