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  • Shame it is finished..

    I have watched Rubicon with absolute delight and ...fear.. yes it was a bit scary at times. So much deception goes on - if the series as well as real life - that it actually makes you think that indeed something like that is or has happened sometime recently.

    The only difference is it is well orchestrated not by a bunch of a 'boys private club' but rather a large people of high interest which are very well connected with the government and law enforcement in USA and it's allies (UK for example).

    I have no doubt that large scale terrorist attacks have been manipulated by the people in the know, or 'the men in grey' as they are sometime called.

    The show was very good in pace and interactions. I actually like the slow pace; I really get tired of those modern 40min shows that move too fast. I really find them boring and unwatchable. 'Rubicon' & 'Mad Men' are good examples how you can create excellent, thought provoking shows without the need to impress every 2nd minute. The cast was excellent, and the acting brilliant. Some really good actors there which I hope to see in other things, especially lead James Badge Dale (Will) , Dallas Roberts (Miles) & Lauren Hodges (Tanya). I am quite sad it has finished it's run; but lets hope it will open a new trend.