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  • Torn

    I'm torn about this show: there were the little things I can appreciate, like the conspiracy which was being revealed slowly e carefully. The characters were good enough, I can picture them as real people with the good and the bad, but there was a incredible Slooow pace that, while probably find similarities with the real world intelligence , it's not bearable on a tv show. other notes:

    4 episodes for the wife to discover that her husband's friend had lied to her on knowing about the townhouse? katherine rhumor is useless, her scenes are painful to watch.

    After a few episodes I started losing faith in the show being able to pick up the pace and becoming more interesting, I managed to drag myself 'till the 9th episode, but a show i really like should be able to make me want to watch the show, to make me eagerly awaiting the next episoed ( or at least being entertaining ), that didn't happened, so... and If AMC had renewed it, I could have thought about resuming to watch, because at least the chance to actually discovering what this was all about was a little higher, that didn't happened too. Good like next time, AMC.