Season 1 Episode 4

The Outsider

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 15, 2010 on AMC

Episode Recap

Will makes himself some freshly brewed coffee while listening to classical music in his apartment. He calls someone on his cell phone about a planned meeting later on. He looks across the window to the next apartment building. A woman in the building next to him smiles back at him, drinking her own coffee. Will heads to the subways. Spangler is there waiting for the subway himself. Spangler asks him about an article in the Wall Street newspaper.

Kale takes control of the roundtable, giving out assignments. Meanwhile, Katherine, back at home now, gets a package containing Tom's belongings from the coroner. Inside the box is Tom's robe spoiled with blood, a cell phone, and a wedding ring. Katherine sobs as she pulls these items out of the box. Particularly disturbing is the blood soaked robe. The cell phone contains 2 messages. One is from Katherine leaving a message the day before Tom died. The second is from James Wheeler. He says, "If you keep this up, you know what's going to happen".

Back at API, the team works on a man named Kateb, a suspected leader of Al-Qaeda. The team has to decide whether to take this man out or not. Spangler and Will, now in D.C., check into a hotel. Spangler suggests a briefcase, however, Will doesn't seem to want to give up his shoulder bag. Spangler continues describing the pros of briefcases. Back at API, the team grows frustrated over the decision. Spangler preps Will for the first of a few meetings over the next few days. The first man they meet doesn't give out a name. Will leaves the two to talk privately. Later, Will and Spangler attend a meeting with some other analyst fellows. Back at API, Tanya breaks and takes some prescription pills in the bathroom. Now Grant says that there is no real evidence to say that this agent is an insider to Al-Qaeda, he's been straight as reporter for the U.S. government officials.

In D.C., Will meets up with his supposed contact. The man, still given no name, hands over the file. The man could only look up 6 names, all government officials. They all worked during the 1980s. Four of these 6 are dead, only 2 are still alive and kicking. Will reads over the files quickly because the man grabs the files away and leaves. Will takes several notes in a small pad. He heads back to the hotel and sees Spangler a couple doors down. In another meeting, Spangler meets with army officials this time to try and get more funding it seems. API has access to and oversees any information gathered, Will says. They ask for information, they can get it. Spangler writes his cell phone number down and passes it to the army general to call him.

Katherine, meanwhile, checks out the town house again. She notices a China town restaurant take out menu and decides to head there. Once there, she orders take out. She also asks whether they keep orders on the computer. A woman checks out the townhouse address: 5181 East 73rd. On March 24th, two orders were places. James Wheeler paid for the meal on this night with his credit card. Katherine pays for her order. Back at API, the team is still deciding whether to hit a suspected man's hideout. The suspected building is crawling with children and the team cannot decide whether taking out one man is worth killing potentially hundreds of civilians. Grant and Miles comment on how people must hate them; Grant says he hates "us". Kale comes in and says that the suspected man will be at the hideout tomorrow. So the team now has to make the decision by tonight.

Spangler talks to his daughter while waiting for another meeting. A woman states that the API team has been trying to contact Will. He calls in but says he doesn't have the intel to help with the decision. Will also says to look up a Donald Bloom. Spangler tries to persuade these fellows as well. It's ten minutes to 5pm and Miles says he's for the hit. Tanya struggles to say yes. Grant says they need to be unanimous. A few minutes later, Grant is seen handing in the report to Kale. The answer is yes for the strike on the building. Back in D.C., Spangler gets Will a gift, it's a briefcase similar to the one he owns. Spangler's daughter tries to call again, but Spangler ignores it. Spangler has a son too, but doesn't expand. He says his father did not understand the business of intelligence gathering. They eat and enjoy some wine.

Miles, Grant, and Tanya divulge over their decision, grabbing a few drinks, debating their job as analysts. You kind of feel sorry for these people – they are broken away from their families doing a job that is hard enough for most people. When Will gets home he peers out the window looking to the apartment across from his. He sees the woman again and she peers back at him, this time in the middle of painting. Will heads to API the next day and describes the trip as interesting to Maggie. He's carrying the new briefcase. Will sees Kale next and asks why he was the one to go on this trip. Kale says Spangler thinks Will has potential. Miles checked out the Donald Bloom character and it turns out he's a very sketchy character. The team heads to the roundtable. The Kateb case has been dealt with; two missiles were sent to the building in question. They won't know the results for a while. Back on the Yuri case, the team continues to build the profiles of the mysterious men in the intel photo.
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