Season 1 Episode 13

You Can Never Win

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2010 on AMC

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  • Ultimately, it fell a little flat.

    After a great, slow, meaningful juggernaut of thought processes, glances, 'coverings and uncoverings' throughout the season, this last episode seemed like too much of an effort to bring some kind of suspenseful crescendo.
    Of course, nothing was really definitely solved. The pendulum of power is basically where it was; what I really liked, though, is how the "chess pieces" were heavily jumbled: Grant is in front, Tanya gone, Miles and Will a new united front, Spangler apparently facing death... The X factor was definitely Julia who is turning out to be so much more...
    The one piece of the episode which was frustrating was Catherine's death (which was logical, though): not only did Julia not lift a finger to stop her death (after professing herself as Catherine's defender) but Will did not take the CD which she flashed right in front of him before falling. This is another example of elusiveness of information which is dogging the show.
    Still, on we go; I obviously hope the series survives for season two; after negative comments from some people at the beginning of the season due to the show's (at this day and age) unique slow pace, it is obvious now the series is well liked by its core fans and a great example of the fact that TV can still be thought -provoking and suck the audience in with more than explosions and constant suspense.
    A fine, fine season with a somewhat disproportional ending.