Ruby and the Rockits

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jul 21, 2009 on ABC Family
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David Gallagher, a rock god from the 80's, and his daughter Ruby move in together after a long time apart. Recruiting the help of his family, David hopes to provide a stable environment for Ruby.

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    I love this show! When i first heard of this show i thought it was going to be wierd show. But the commercials really got me excited for this show. I was really impressed with this show. The writing was amazing and the acting was top notch. Alexa Vega shined with her performance as Ruby who meetws her dad for the first time who is an old rockstar. Not only was her acting amazing her singing is outstanding. David and Patrick Cassidy were great. And Patrick's wife and his kids were hilarious. This is defintely a great family sitcom. I love this show and this was a great pilot for an amazing show. Can't wait for more episodes and more seasons!moreless
Eloy Casados

Eloy Casados

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    • David: Hey, P, guess what? I got a huge offer from the casino last night... for the both of us.
      Patrick: That's flattering but last night was a one shot deal... (Thinks about it) How huge?
      David: We'll talk later.

    • David: (Excitedly, about Ruby) She called me dad!
      Patrick: I know...
      David (Less excited) I'm gonna have to talk to her about that...

    • David: Ruby, I just want you to know that I'm really gonna be there for ya.
      Ruby: That's great, 'cuz Parent Teacher night is on Wednesday.
      David: Wednesday? (Makes a face) Wednesdays are bad...

    • Audie: I can't believe you're up this early.
      David: Up?! I haven't been to bed yet. How do people live like this?

    • Ruby: So our high school's the fighting manatees? Aren't manatees docile, passive creatures?
      Jordan: As is our football team.

    • Ruby: Ben has the totally right idea. I mean, your video's kind of a downer.
      Jordan: Of course it's a downer, life is pain woman!

    • Audie: (Sees Patrick covering his face) What are you doing?
      Patrick: These are die-hard Rockit fans, Audie. It's only a matter of time before I'm recognized.
      Woman: (Approaches with a camera) Excuse me, would you mind?
      Patrick: (Smirks) Not at all...
      Woman: ...Taking a picture of my husband and me?
      Audie: Whew! Dodged that bullet.

    • Audie: Alright everyone, let's give David some time to put his make-up on.
      David: My make-up is on...
      Ruby: (After a long pause) I'm really excited to see your show tonight.
      David: (Sighs) Thanks. And I got your message. I'll see what I can do.
      Ruby: Cool. Alright, I'll leave you alone so you can get into your stage outfit.
      David: This is my stage outfit...

    • Jordan: (To his parents) Ben ruined my video!
      Ben: Hey, I would argue he took care of that himself.

    • Patrick: Guess how many SUV's we sold today?
      Audie: Uh, I don't know... Twelve?
      Patrick: Twelve?! Nobody sells twelve!

    • Patrick: You're right, we can't live in the past. I don't want either of you going down this road. Rock stars are selfish, vein creatures.
      Jordan: You turned out ok.
      Patrick: (Points to a picture of David) I'm talking about him.

    • Jordan: We should never have shown him this fan site.
      Patrick: (Amazed) So I can watch this whenever I want?!
      Ben: (Annoyed) And we don't even need to be here!

    • Ruby: David?
      David: Sorry honey, no autographs. But you can buy one of my t-shirts out front.
      Ruby: I'm Ruby... I'm your daughter.
      David: (To his assistant after a long pause) I'm gonna need some rum in that water.

    • David: (To his assistant) No more excuses. When I ask for fizzy water I expect it to fiz.

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