Ruby and the Rockits

ABC Family (ended 2009)


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  • ABC Family's best comedy show that I have ever seen

    "Ruby and the Rockits" will always be the #1 comedy show to ever air on ABC Family. It doesn't make sense, this show only lasted 1 season while that stupid "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" is still on the air... that just gets me angry. How can this show only last 1 season. It was perfect, hilarious, and touching. All of the characters in this show were hilarious. David Cassidy as Ruby's father Patrick Gallagher. Alexa Vega (who is Carmen Cortez in "Spy Kids") stars in this show as Ruby Gallagher and she does a wonderful job with this show. Alexa Vega is such a beautiful actress and can sing very well. Ruby is also a good model on the little kids unlike some of the characters in television shows these days. Austin Butler also does a well done job. I literally can't stop laughing at this show. It's like impossible to not laugh at moments. Every moment in this show is absolutley hilarious and its also touching. Overall, this was ABC Family's best comedy show that I have ever seen and even though it only lasted 1 season... this will always be my #1 favorite ABC Family comedy show and I can watch the reruns on Youtube now, there are only ten episodes of this show so if you haven't this show, watch all ten episodes on Youtube right now and see what you think, I definitely recommend the show. 10/10
  • Ruby's dad a bit too much to take.

    The show is a mindless comedy, easy to watch when you just want something to watch. It's has very heavy shades of Two and A Half Men in its setup, except that The David Gallagher character is harder to take with each episode. It's one thing to not be skilled in raising a teenage daughter that you just met, but it's a whole other thing to be so totally clueless about everyday common sense things. It is overdone and he comes off too buffoonish, without any sort of brain at all. It gets pretty annoying and 'old' week after week
  • This show is surprisingly funny, and I only watched it for Alexa Vega.

    Alexa Vega is hot, there's really no question about that. She is the main reason I started watching this show. She is actually a very decent actress too. But this show, while it is intended for the teenage TGIF - type audience, is funny in its own right. If you are bored, check out this show. It's not the greatest, but it is one of the better sitcoms on TV currently (which really isn't really saying much, since How I Met Your Mother is the only new sitcom I think is funny right now). My opinion is that it could be less teeny and more adult, but that's what you get from an ABC Familt channel show.

    Rudy and the Rockitts: 6.7/10
  • Try not to laugh, I dare you.

    I'm serious, watch an episode of this show (probably not the first one) and try not to laugh once during it. I'm going to tell you: it's impossible. This is a hilarious show that is also touching. Alexa Vega (Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids) is also very pretty and a wonderful singer, and I love her character, Ruby. She's so funny and unique, and I'm sure if any little girl watches this, Ruby is a role model for some little girls. Plus, the show has tons of adult humor, including three great adult characters. Overall, this is a show that I will definitely tune into every week.
  • Hilarious

    Last night, i was bored. And, then i turned to ABC Family. Ruby and the Rockits, was on. I thought I would try the saw because i saw Austin Butler from Zoey 101. I saw how funny it was let's just say the past few years of ABC Family. All they put on was junk. Now, i'll start watching it. Ruby (Alexa Vega) steals her uncles brand new car to pick up her drunk cousin Jordan (Austin Butler) at a party just because Jordan exagerates a third strike. Her uncle suspects her dad, Patrick. And, then he accidently announces it on t.v. after he started a big lie. Overall, a great show.