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Ruby Gloom is an animated series on YTV based on a book series by the same name, about a little Goth girl named Ruby Gloom who lives in a Victorian mansion in the gothic themed town of Gloomsville. Follow Ruby and her odd friends through their wild adventures in Gloomsville!
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  • In Peter Griffin terms, Ruby Gloom is freakin' sweet.

    OK, quick recap of my discovery of the show. One of my Internet friends - I will not reveal her identity as courtesy of her privacy - made a plush doll of Misery and posted it on her YouTube channel. After watching her latest video - her 1,000th, featuring all the series she makes videos for - where clips from the show had been featured, I looked it up and found not only the adorable title sequence, which I fell in love with, but several episodes which someone else posted on their channel. I watched them and loved it! I'm sad that it's not on here in the USA though. I live in Pennsylvania, so I obviously don't get YTV, and the only way I can watch it is through YouTube. I believe it should be on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network here, considering Ruby Gloom originated from America. The characters are completely adorable! I love them all, but I must admit, Scaredy Bat is my fave, and the cutest. Plus, this show isn't just for pre-teen girls - boys will watch it and like it just as much! My little brother, who is nearly six, is a perfect example of this. He goes around the house all the time saying to anyone who is feeling low, "Look on the bright side!" Overall, this show is great for both genders and all ages, and should be shown all around the world.moreless
  • Seriously who did come up with this. Was it from a nightmare.

    I hate this show. It's pure stupid. Every episode just gets terrible every second. And it's time slot is awful. Put a better show in it's place. The charaters are ridiculous. Ok we got this girl named Iris who has 1 eye. Oooh, cool. And we have this emo girl that is crying. Thats a transender for todays kids. And not to mention a talking skull. And I think in one episode those 2 boys with there bodys attached said "that's crap". Woa man. Cancel this show for crying out loud.moreless
  • Ruby Gloom: "Always look on the bright side - unless of course the dark side is your bright side and that's okay too!"

    Even though I never see this show on American television, some video sites such as YouTube and Veoh were kind enough to upload Ruby Gloom videos. What I really like about this show is that it's the only one mainly with a gothic theme. Just because I am goth doesn't mean that I can't "look on the bright side." I can't believe that Canada was inspired to create this rare animated series.

    Ruby Gloom is one of most favorite characters in the show. Even though she is six years old, she has the voice of a beautiful adolescent. Her catchphrase is "Look on the bright side." No matter what negative things happen, Ruby is able to keep her cool and retain her versatile positivity. She cares about everyone and is willing to help them. Doom Kitty is totally cute. The only is that Doom communicates through charades to which nobody could understand her except maybe Ruby. Iris has such a craving for adventures and excitement. She is considered the most restless and energetic of all the show's characters. Not only that, the cyclops girl has a pet venus flytrap named Venus and Squig the giant flying worm that goes with Iris on her wild adventures. Misery is the most depressing yet apathetic banshee-like girl with endless trails of tears running down from her black eyes with white pupils. Every time she does something that makes her happy or do anything that involves having fun, her bad luck strikes her down with a vengeance, usually in the form of lightning bolts. Like Misery, her ancestors suffered many disasters and diseases. Just because Misery is constantly seen shedding tears and expressing apathy doesn't mean she has no soul. Despite all this, Ruby still cares for Misery. Skull Boy is the "Jack of All Trades" because he tries out a lot of different personas such as painter, actor, documentary filmmaker, musician, etc. But still, SB doesn't exactly know what his primary persona is. Frank & Len are very odd dicephalic conjoined twins. Frank is the smart one while Len is the absent-minded dope with a short attention span. When it comes to music, the both of them are rock stars by nature. It takes them a long time to write a great song. Poe is a rather classy raven who shares the same name with the last name of a famous horror poet. He is one of characters I don't like much because of his aristocratic attitude assuming that he is more high class than anyone. Scaredy Bat can't seem to control himself whenever he gets terrified of almost everything, except for crumpets. Boo Boo sort of reminds me of Casper the Friendly Ghost, only quite mischievous and enjoys pulling pranks on others much to his two mobster-like mentors' aggravation. So far, my favorite characters are Ruby Gloom, Doom Kitty and Misery.

    If Gloomsville is a real place, I would move out of my hometown, and live in the Victorian mansion with the gang of strange and unusual. Not only this show is entertaining all ages and goths, but it also teaches good moral values and showing us how to accept others for who they are on the inside, and not what they are on the outside. At first, I thought Ruby Gloom was just an advertisement for books, school stationery and clothing. But it turns out that there is a TV series, only in Canada. I really wish that Ruby Gloom comes to American TV on HD. Perhaps if another season arrives, it'll be even better than the first and second ones.moreless
  • American childrens television and/or cartoon writers, take notes from this show. (That means you, Nickelodeon).

    Last year, I just barely heard of this show due to a mention on a listing on Wikipedia's list of Goth culture related articles.

    After an email to a friend of mine in Canada, I was finally able to watch the actual show. And needless to say, I was hooked from the first five minutes onwards.

    One of the best sides of this show is that it is not overreliant on gross-out humor and characters who are absolute jerks to everybody. Some people would ask why then I don't knock them for the physical humor.

    The answer: because it serves as a puchline. Well placed, at that.

    Plus, even when Misery, Iris, or anyone else crash like a certain coyote, they get back up again and continue on with their business.

    And I admit, the title character, miss Ruby herself, adds to the shows sense of tenderness with her nack for finding things that creep most people out to be.... (what's the word?)....oh yeah; cozy.

    Comedic timing, wit, likeable characters, and the ability to avoid being obnoxiously preachy make this series so good that as soon as the entire seasons are put out on DVD, I'm saving copies so I can show to my nephews kids (if I don't have any of my own).moreless
  • This show isn't meant for people my age but people younger than I. Even so, I enjoy the common humour of the show.

    Ruby Gloom is about a bunch of friends who look like halloween characters. They live in a town called Gloomsville but are rather happy people. The show influences kind frindships and kind judgement. I have to say my favourite character is Misery, a girl who seems to have bad luck follow her everywhere but she doesn't mind. She just lets it go. Skull Boy influences the fact that you can be or do what ever you want with your life. I know people who don't like this show because it's not in their age group and in the boys case, includes no violent content.

    I like this show because it's influential and has good virtues and happy endings.moreless
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