Ruby Gloom

Season 2 Episode 15

I'll Be Home for Misery

Aired Monday 6:30 PM May 04, 2008 on YTV



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  • Quotes

    • Morose: Children... cheerful, playful children. Why? WHY?!

    • Morose: I'm Morose. It rhymes with morose.
      Ruby: Glad you could make it. Nice dress.
      Morose: The pattern is called "The abyss on a dark night in the middle of nowhere".
      Ruby: Oh, I must've missed that pattern in the catalogue.
      Misery: Reunion's in the backyard.
      Morose: Why? WHY?!
      Misery: Hmm. More space, I guess.

    • Mildew: Confucius say: Girl who think she too good for bed of nails…not too good…for bed of nails.

    • Mildew: I just blew in on back of volcanic eruption, and boy, are my arms, legs, whole body tired. No joke!

    • Misery's cuckoo clock: Beware! Beware! Beware!

  • Notes

    • Running Gag: Mayhem chasing after Scaredy Bat saying, "Here birdy, birdy".

    • Skull Boy's Persona: Misery's Cousin Murky

    • Misery's relatives - Names and descriptions:

      Mayhem - Cavewoman; previously seen in the episode, Time Flies.
      Mildew - Geisha
      Migraine - Snobbish lady who lives on a cruise ship; previously seen in the episode Time Flies.
      Morose - Goth/Emo archetype
      Myopic, Malice & Misbegotten - Tiny, cheerful triplets.
      Mopey - The optimistic one. Looks like Misery with a wig resembling Ruby's hair (as seen in the episode Ruby Cubed). She only appears in one scene.
      Malady - Disease prone; previously seen in the episode, Misery Loves Company.
      Malaise - Narcoleptic; previously seen in the episode, Misery Loves Company.
      Murky - Skull Boy pretending to be Misery's cousin, probably because he misses having a family of his own.

      Since this eventually turns out to be a dream sequence, there's a possibility that some of these relatives may be long dead, or existing only in Misery's imagination.

    • This episode revolves around Misery.

    • Opening Sketch: Iris treats her friends like string puppets.

      Closing Sketch: Scaredy Bat talks about his family tree.

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