Ruby Gloom

Season 1 Episode 17

Misery Loves Company

Aired Monday 6:30 PM May 06, 2007 on YTV

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  • A light-hearted look at Misery's infamous family, which is even crazier than we ever imagined. Of course, who said crazy was a bad thing?

    The opening skit is "Funnyman Scaredy Bat", which has Scaredy performing as a comedian, complete with the traditional hat and cane, with a crook to pull poor actors offstage. You already know where this is headed, right?

    The main episode begins with Misery screaming "catastrophe". They're playing a spelling game, of course, so this is not the apocalypse after all. Misery hints in her sentence for Poe (who must spell catastrophe) that tomorrow is a really special day. It's the seventh anniversary of the day she was rescued from an ice floe, and Ruby's planning a surprise party for Misery, and has invited her cousins to celebrate with them. Later that day, Ruby receives a legal document from the cousins, clearing them of any responsibility for damage or disaster. Ruby thinks it's good to be careful.

    Misery finds out the cousins are coming because Iris can't keep a secret (are you really surprised?) and immediately asks if her cousinS are coming. Emphasis on the idea of more than one cousin coming. The idea of her cousins, who are siblings, coming at the same time seems to be bad, judging from Misery's reaction.

    When they arrive, they certainly make an impression. Malaise falls over after crossing the threshold and says Misery has told them so much about Ruby. (She then asks if Ruby really talks to herself in the bathtub. Heh.) Malady goes into a very looooooooong story about how her arm got hurt when Ruby asks her what happened to change the subject.

    Eventually a few main point are introduced. The house is frozen over, and Malady and Malaise are to blame. The secret to bringing the temperature back is to separate the pair. Of course, all the water melts at once, so...

    A cool (ha?) detail to notice: The sash Skull Boy wears when he declares he might be related to a French-Canadian ice sculptor is actually the traditional sash worn at the Quebec winter festival.

    This episode has so much fun, and Malady and Malaise are a great pair. We get to see Misery in a slightly new light, (she does, in fact, like surprises), and we know Frank and Len can swim now. Misery's mantra of "family visits are always fun" is quite amusing, as is the word catastrophe and Frank's suddenly dislike of said word. Frank and Len's tattoo was great, too.

    My rating: 8.7/10 (It wasn't perfect, and it's certainly not my favourite, but it's still lots of fun.)
    An eleven-year-old's rating: 5/5 (No complaints.)

    The ending skit, Career Day with Frank and Len, is nothing special. It's typical Frank and Len style, with them putting guitar riffs to potential jobs they may get. The only thing especially memorable is the slideshow, with the three jobs. Is it just me, or is the fishmonger a little scary?