Ruby Gloom

Season 2 Episode 13

Out of This World

Aired Monday 6:30 PM Apr 20, 2008 on YTV
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Skull Boy accidentally sends the house into space after an experiment, and has to get down before the space air drives everyone absolutely loopy.

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  • Scientifically impossible events only make it all the more fun to watch. It is hilarious in space, and while everything is more grounded on earth it's quite funny, too.

    The opening sketch is "Ace Flyer", with Misery narrating. And that's all I'll say on it without giving away the ending. ^^

    The full episode begins with Poe and Frank and Len playing horseshoes. Frank and Len are pretty good, but no matter how bad Poe's throws were the shoe would always hit the post and he would win. Poe celebrates, startlingly humble. Then the fireworks go off. Frank and Len complain, but Poe actually didn't order any fireworks. It turns out the house is being shot into space, leaving the three on the ground. Cut to a commercial break.

    Apparently, Skull Boy added too much baking soda to something or another, which turned the house into an enormous rocket. The results are hilarious, as they end up orbitting the moon and floating in zero gravity. It starts making no sense around here, but is so dang enjoyable... Anyways, the less sense it makes the better it reflects them going loopier and loopier. At the same time, Poe, Frank, and Len try to devise ways to get them down. This includes ladders, psychokenisis, slingshots, and flying up to the house.

    If you've read my other reviews, you know what's next. All the touching/physical contact! And the huuuug! I am a very happy Violet, watching Ruby and Skull Boy touching and hugging without any nervousness. At the same time, they are in a life or death situation, so they certainly aren't worrying about it. But that's hardly the main focus of this episode. The lightheaded, nonsensical theme of this episode is something you watch to be weirded out by, and then to giggle like Misery over it. Strictly for fun, no analysing allowed.

    And yes, the science of this episode is completely messed up. From "space air" to Misery's "magnetic" personality, I don't think any of it is real science.

    The ending of the episode has an excellent twist, leaving it very open.

    My rating: 9/10

    An eleven-year-old's rating: 5/5

    The ending skit is another edition of "Ruby's Mailbag", this time with the help of Misery. I absolutely love the voice acting for Ruby in this skit, and the lines were snappy and clever. I suspect the letter was really sent by a fan, though... "Julia"... Hmmmm...moreless

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