Rude Awakening

Showtime (ended 2001)


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  • A great but underestimated show

    Rude awakening is a show about Billie Frank, an alcoholic actress in her 30s. Her roommate is a drug-addict lesbian and her neighbors include a former alcoholic who is her love interest. This out of reality cast is completed by Billie’s gay AA sponsor, her (almost) crazy parents and a lot of characters who join and leave the show during the running of the series.
    It surely is a show for few. Using humor to explore a lot of taboos (alcohol and drug addiction, racism and homosexuality to name some) there is no doubt that it won't be liked by a lot of people. These taboos though are presented with dignity and are not just a source for laugh. Despite all that it’s a very funny show with some hilarious situations and of course some touching moments..
    The actors maybe aren’t the most talented ones but they all play their roles in a believable way (at least as much that can be) and they are suited for their characters.
    If you give it a chance and look over the mixed up characters and crazy situations you can see that these series have a lot to offer.