Rude Dog and the Dweebs

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • A late 80s, early 90s cartoon about a streetwise dog and his dog friends who live in a garage and run a delivery service.

    I loved this show, it was one of my all time faves growing up and I still collect the merchandise the show was made to promote.
    It ran for only 26 episodes, each episode was 10 minutes long. Basically Rude Dog lived the easy life until he rescued 7 stray dogs (the Dweebs) from the dog catcher. He took them in and tried to teach them his ways, being streetwise and smart and he set up a delivery service in his garage. The Dweebs didn't tend to do much except Tweek who would help Rude Dog on his rounds. The bad guys were Herman and his dog Rott, they'd try to catch the Dweebs but would never have much luck of course. Rude Dog was their only fear.
    The animation wasn't exceptional but back then it rarely was, however the characters and adventures they had were memorable and their designs were fun. They often referred to the Dweebs as Dweebs, insinuating that they were different to regular dogs. I'm not really sure about this, maybe it was because they weren't very smart.
    This show really deserves a DVD release as it still has a following and I would recommend it to anyone who's interesting in seeing some of the best of the old 80s shows.
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