Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

NBC (Holiday Event 1964)


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  • One of the greatest holiday specials of all time.

    This is practically one of the first of four classic holiday specials I remember watching as a child, along with Frosty, Santa, and the Little Drummer Boy. This Rudolph special celebrated its 50th anniversary two years ago, so better late than never to post this review.

    Burl Ives, who portrayed the voice of Sam the Snowman and narrated the story of Rudolph, did quite an excellent job on this special. Highly recommended to watch every holiday season.
  • Teased and shunned by those around him because of his red nose, a young reindeer named Rudolph sets out for adventure.

    This classic Christmas tale has never lost its appeal in the nearly fifty years since it first premiered on television. So many elements work here to make this special an essential part of your Christmas time viewing pleasure. The terrific animation for starters. It almost gives today's digital standards a run for its money. The late Burl Ives' is also a highlight of this episode. His narration as Sam the Snowman fits perfectly and helps the story move along. His songs aren't too bad either. The supporting characters of Hermie the Elf and Yukon Cornelius just help make this great program all the more better. It would not be Christmas without it.