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In the year 1989, two married parents named Gabor Csupo and Arlene Klasky made the pilot for the show; their baby son, Brendon, was their inspiration to create the Rugrats. After showing it to Nickelodeon they automatically liked it and turned it into a series; in three years, Rugrats had aired more than fifty episodes. With a total of sixty five episodes they stopped making new episodes and Rugrats was shown in primetime in 1994; after that, the popularity of the show increased. Nickelodeon realized what good ratings they had and they decided to air brand new episodes of Rugrats in 1997; it was so popular that it had its first movie to be shown in theaters the following year featuring a new Rugrat named Dil. After the movie, they aired even more new episodes, including Dil with them on the show; then again in the year 2000, Nickelodeon made a second movie for the Rugrats, giving Chuckie a stepmom and featuring another new Rugrat named Kimi. More new episodes aired after that with Kimi and in the year 2001, Nick had big plans for the show. With Rugrats in their tenth year, so Arlene Klasky and Nickelodeon decided to make the Rugrats ten years older in their anniversary special, "All Growed Up;" this episode was the most viewed Rugrats-related episode. Originally, there were only four young rugrats who would sit in their playpen watching the world go by. The fearless leader of the group was Tommy Pickles, a resourceful baby who hides a plastic screwdriver in his diaper so that they can leave the pen. His best friend was Chuckie, a fearful, red-haired toddler who reluctantly agreed to venture out into the open, unsafe areas of the house. There were also the twins Phil and Lil who were always ready for any new challenge. Leaving the safety of their own playpen, the children would explore their surroundings and try to make sense out of what the adults are doing. Some of the most interesting characters were the parents and Tommy and Angelica's grandfather who would always fall asleep when taking care of the children. The parents' comments are so genuine that they bring a sense of reality to the show. Even the parents had different lives, with Chuckie's widowed father, and Angelica's loving father and busy mother. The series won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program, Outstanding Animated Children's Program, Outstanding Animation and Outstanding Children's Animated Program.


    TV biz's family focus derails smut bills

  • Dionne Quan

    Dionne Quan

    Kimi Finster

    Julia Kato

    Julia Kato

    Kira Finster

    Cheryl Chase

    Cheryl Chase

    Angelica C. Pickles/ Dr. Lucy Carmichael

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    Dil Prescott Pickles /Timmy McNulty

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Charlotte Pickles

    Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds

    Lulu Pickles

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    Fan Reviews (293)

    • I miss this show

      Rugrats was a show that I grew up with. I may have watched it from as young as 2, and my family had all the VHS tapes of it. I just grew a love for this show because I began watching it from a young age. It was an amazing show, and it deserved to go on as long as it did.. Now that I think back to the times when i was just a toddler enjoying this show, I'll say that I really miss this show a lot. It's (in my opinion) the greatest Nickelodeon show of all time and since I don't have the VHS tapes anymore (they would've been outdated anyway) I want to find some way to watch all seasons again. They really need to show reruns on Nickelodeon.moreless
    • Great series!!

      Best Nickelodeon show ever!!
    • The nostalgia, it burns!

      I remember seeing this when German TV used to air shows like this. Funny enough I did not know that Tara Strong was in the show too. Some Rugrats movies followed, but sadly they did not do well. Go Watch this if you love old school animation.
    • Rugrats is the best show I have ever seen I like seasons 5-9

      I love Rugrats so much that I wish the reruns return on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons
    • Good `ol cartoon in Nicks prime

      Really a good 90`s cartoon to watch. It has a lot of funny refrences and moments and I think that it was one of Nicks best cartoons before it ended and Nick started going downhill.

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